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Event & Venue Security

Door Supervisors

Over the past few years we have seen a shift in the dynamic and role of your common “bouncer”.

No longer is the Gorilla in a bow tie and big black coat intimidating customers with the threat of humiliation and trouble. There is a much more modern and different need from Door Supervisors now. Venues have recognised that these are the first and last memories of their venue and often repeat business relies on the Door staff and their behaviour.

Moving with the times we have reviewed the stereotypical "Lump" on the door and replaced it with smart approachable fully qualified and trained staff that have good customer service and ensuring customers have a good safe time in your venue."

We have also noticed over the past few years that our professional well presented teams have helped raise the profile of venues, ultimately improving the image which indirectly raised profits.

All of the Door supervisors we use are fully SIA qualified, vetted and regularly audited. We hand pick our teams for the venue making sure their professional approach is upheld at all times.

This is when the door team started to become not only a necessity but an investment!!

All our staff are fully trained and SIA qualified.

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Bespoke Security Services

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Based in Essex, working nationwide

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If you would like to find out more about the bespoke security services we provide here at Denbigh Franks, please do not hesitate to get in touch today. We look forward to answering any questions you may have.

When it comes to your idyllic wedding, there are several things you’ll say “I do” to long before you get to the altar!

- “Do you want some lovely lilies for decorations?” “I do!”
- “Do you want a six-tiered wedding cake with strawberries and cream?” “I do!”
- “Do you want the band to play your favourite song?” “I do!”

While you’re making that mile-long “to do” list about the wedding location, invitations, dresses and tuxedoes, photographers, and caterers, here are some questions you might have forgotten to ask:

- “Do you want to worry about someone stealing your wedding gifts while you’re on the dance floor?”
- “Do you want to be triple-checking the crowd to make sure that your partner’s ex didn’t sneak it?”
- “Do you want to police the open bar for that uncle who always picks a fight after he’s had a few?”

If the answer to those questions is “I don’t!” then Denbigh Franks Ltd. has the solution for you.

At Denbigh Franks Ltd., we’re committed to ensuring that your wedding is the happiest day of your life. After all of the planning, hard work, and money that you and your family have put into it, you deserve the perfect celebration. Denbigh Franks Ltd. will ensure that with professional, discrete, low-cost services:

- Guest list management
- Emergency procedures
- Cark park management
- Chauffeuring
- Taxi management
- Crowd control
- Static security
- Mobile security
- Perimeter security
- Door supervisors
- Health and safety plans

Whether your wedding is small and intimate or worthy of royalty, Denbigh Franks Ltd. will provide the unobtrusive but fast-acting security services you need at a price you can afford. Don’t let anyone or anything ruin your wedding day! Investing in security services is an investment not just in peace of mind, but in happy memories!

Peace of mind your event is in safe hands

At Denbigh Franks Ltd. we know the importance of peace of mind. Our professional security services provide that peace of mind by guaranteeing that your event runs smoothly!

Security services for your public or private event are just as important as locks on your doors at home or alarms on the windows at your office. So far in 2015 alone we have guarded more than 200 events at almost two-dozen locations, including over 50 weddings. Our staff is trained, experienced, and equipped to handle small functions, medium-sized events of 200 people, as well as larger celebrations of 1500 guests or more. We cater to a variety of special events such as music festivals, proms, corporate events, charity events, and family celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings.

We understand that your event, whether it’s a wedding, a music concert, or a holiday celebration, should be fun and worry-free for both you and your guests. You can count on us to be there for you not only during the event but before and after!

We customize our service packages to ensure that you get everything you want without paying for more than you need. Our security team covers all of your requirements as well as your requests, including:

- Coordinating every detail with event organizers
- Vigilant door supervisors (doormen, bouncers)
- Helpful crowd management services (crowd control)
- Vigilant stewards
- Emergency preparedness and procedures
- Efficient evacuation procedures
- Rapid response teams
- CCTV surveillance
- Static security
- Mobile security
- Manned guarding
- Location security
- Transporting and chauffeuring
- Professionally liaising with police
- Personal escorts
-Maintaining order and general public safety

Our security guards are available for your guests / hosts at any venue, large or small, including:

- Private houses and other private property
- Boats
- Nature reserves
- Golf courses
- Concert halls
- Sports stadiums

Denbigh Franks Ltd. recognizes that security is about more than physical protection. It’s about peace of mind. It’s about preserving relationships, about having the time to relax, and the freedom to make lasting memories. Our goal is to help you “feel better” about your event. And with the help of our first-class security specialists you can enjoy the activities without worrying if they’re running smoothly!

Be looked after in style......

From Executive Chauffeuring to the Prom, to daily escorting to and from business appointments right through to social weekends and red carpet occasions we have the resources to get you there in not only in style but safely.

Using a diverse fleet of vehicles and transporting anywhere from one person to a large group, we have the option of delivering you there safely, on time and in style.

Be it a trip to the shops, a school run, airport pickups or even international assistance. The need for security doesn’t go away.

We are often faced with clients that require protection but don't want the cost or profile of being joined at the hip by a body guard. Escorting is the answer, it gives you the relaxed approach to having the peace of mind that Security is on hand when you need it.

From Chauffeuring you to business meetings and appointments to being in the shadows on a school run or shopping trip we have fully trained and experienced guards that can give you the service and peace of mind at a fraction of the price of a Close Protection Team.

Working on a one off, fixed term or rolling agreement we can devise a package that suits your requirements. Please get in touch to discuss how we can help.

Our main priority is you.

We have been delivering Close Protection to Celebrities, VIP’s and business leaders across Britain since the birth of the company.

We have seen the dynamic of the industry change drastically over the past few years and have managed to stay ahead of it; ensuring all of our clients are in safe hands at all times.

From our time operating in the private security industry that we have developed our service to incorporate and offer so much more than a “Bodyguard.”

Below are a few of the services we incorporate in our Close protection service:

- Protective Driving & Chauffeuring
- Contingency planning
- Emergency Evacuation planning
- Counter surveillance
- Search for Explosives and hidden AV recording equipment
- Forward planning, booking and reconnaissance
- First aid

We use only highly trained, qualified and experienced personnel for all of our tasks so you can rest assured you would be in the best protection available.

We tailor our packages with no tie in, contracts or hidden costs. We take the time to listen to our clients and tailor a package around your needs making sure the level of protection is right for your needs.

Recent event we have worked at:

- Red Carpet events
- Film Premiers
- Film sets
- Charity Dinners
- Airport exchanges
- Sporting events
- Music Events
- Covert Celebrity movements

If you have any queries on how we could help you then get in touch with any queries you may have.

Peace of mind your guests will be safe.

Having an event? Expecting crowds? Need help?

Let us help. The potential pitfalls and nightmares that could happen are countless!!! We offer a stewarding service that has proven invaluable time after time to our clients managing these nightmares and giving complete peace of mind that.

Is there a limit to the cost on safety? At event and any organisers will look to close off and potential problems first, taking away the stress and worry of what could happen if not suitably supported.

We supply teams of staff that are fully trained, experienced and can help your event to run smoothly. From simply directing the public the right way to go to manning and organising queues we can help.

Our teams have proven to be more of an investment than a necessity to organisers, upping the profile of the event giving off a professional organised approach. This in turn plays a key part to ensuring return custom.

Often the overlooked part of the event, however potentially the make or break of your event.

The amount of event organisers are turning to us; to help them as a matter of priority when organising their event/day is increasing.

The two main areas in any event that could be potential nightmares are, entry and exit. This can easily determine the outcome of people's day or likely hood of giving you any repeat business!

Get your event off to an amazing start at the same time saving any unwanted or additional stress by having a trained, professional team seeing your customers in and out safely and in an organised professional manner.

It's become a pattern of a lot of our clients when organising their events to book us first with the feedback being "it's a tiny price to pay against the potential nightmare that could happen."