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How Can I Evict Tenants In Cambridgeshire Without Visiting Court At Cambridgeshire

1. Notice Of Section 21 Or Section 8

You need to be legally prepared and aware if you want to evict your tenant in Cambridgeshire, and if you want them to move out of your Wisbech, Cambridge, or Huntingdon property, you will need to send Section 21 or Section 8 notice under Housing Act 1988.

You are to simply serve a "Notice of Possession" with Denbigh Franks to the tenant stating your intention to take back the Cambridgeshire property.

This also means that you have the authority to initiate a break clause that was agreed upon and repossess your Cambridgeshire premises in Cambridgeshire.

On the other hand, in Cambridgeshire the Section 21 Eviction Notice doesn't necessarily require explanations on why you want to take back your property from a tenant.

A Section 8 notice supplied if a landlord has grounds for eviction in Cambridgeshire's Cambridgeshire.

For instant if the client has destroyed the property in Cambridge or defaulted in their rent payment in Huntingdon, or made a nuisance in Wisbech.

In those instances, in Cambridgeshire you have legal grounds to stop the agreement during its term that is fixed due to the breach of the agreement.

However, if your tenant disagrees, the case would then be settled in Cambridgeshire court and you may be required to produce a proof of the reason for evicting the tenant.

The two notices are usually independent and serve for different reasons but yield the same result that is evicting the tenant in Cambridgeshire.

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2. Denbigh Franks Issue A Section 21 Notice Of Possession

This is not necessarily a notice for eviction, but a proper process to notify the tenant in Cambridgeshire you wish to gain possession of your property in Wisbech, Huntingdon, or Cambridge upon their relocation.

The first step to take is to provide the Cambridgeshire tenant with no less than two months' notice that you need them to leave the residence in Cambridgeshire at the end of the tenancy.

You may serve a Sec, 21 notice in Cambridgeshire in case there exists a fixed break article or the agreed lease term is about to elapsed.

You have the right to do so even if your tenant in Cambridgeshire has not violated any term of the agreement and you also don't need to provide a reason for getting the possession of your property in Cambridgeshire back.

However, you must ensure that the Section 21 notice is served in accordance with the rules before it can be enforced in the Cambridgeshire court.

Some of the changes are done by the Deregulation Act 2015 through which tenancies can be brought to an end with the procedure.

In the beginning, it just applied to Cambridgeshire tenancy agreements on or after 1 October 2015.

Moreover, as of 1 October 2018, that extends to all holdings in Cambridgeshire-regardless of when it was decided.

Below are details about the rules:

Denbigh Franks can't issue a section 21 notice during the first 4 months of tenancy, however, a landlord can issue a section 21 notice any time during the renewed tenancy in case the tenancy in Cambridgeshire has been redeemed after the termination of a fixed term.

A section 21 notice is legitimate only for 6 months starting from the date it was served, and another notice should be issued in Cambridgeshire's Cambridgeshire in case proceedings of possession are not provided during the 6-month period.

In case your tenant in Cambridgeshire makes a legal complaint about the condition of your residence in Cambridgeshire and you fail to handle it, the tenant might then serve the issue to the local housing authority; In case a Section 21 notice is issued once a complaint is made, then it will be invalid when the local housing authority notice is handed.

Make sure that you use the appropriate 6A form under Section 21.

For a proper validation of a Section 21 notice, this information must be made available to the tenant in Cambridgeshire at the time of rental:

A Gas Safety Certificate

An Energy Performance Certificate

"How to Rent" guide, give this to any tenant when signing a new tenancy

3. Denbigh Franks Can Hand A Section 8 Eviction Notice In Cambridgeshire

If the term has not come to an end yet, but you have grounds for evicting the tenant in Wisbech, Cambridge, or Huntingdon, you can send the Section 8 notice to start the proceedings in Cambridgeshire.

The criteria for enforcing Section 8 of the eviction decree in Cambridgeshire are laid down under Schedule 2 to the Housing Act, 1988.

Below are the most common reasons for evicting a tenant in Cambridgeshire's Cambridgeshire:

Rent Arrears

Damaging of property


The landlord in Cambridge, Huntingdon, or Wisbech needs to fill in a 'Notice seeking possession of the property' if you want to give your tenants a notice using a Section 8.

You must state on the document what the conditions of the Cambridgeshire lease have been broken, and you must offer a warning between two weeks and two months, depending on the terms on which you rely.

If the tenant in Cambridgeshire still refuses to vacate your property, apply for a possession order in the court in Cambridgeshire.

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4. Possession Order Application In Cambridgeshire's Cambridgeshire

In Cambridgeshire, you have the right take action if your tenant isn't leaving the property after being served an eviction notice from Denbigh Franks.

An Accelerated possession order is used if you serve a Section 21 notice, if you have a written agreement, and you don't claim any overdue rent in Cambridgeshire.

The landlord can go ahead with the regular possession order in Cambridgeshire if they desire to take their property back in Cambridge, Huntingdon, or Wisbech or have furnished a Section 21 or 8 notice to the tenant and still want the remaining rent balance from the tenant.

You may take help from the Cambridgeshire County Court Bailiff to evict if the tenant doesn't leave the property in Cambridgeshire even after the expiry of the order for possession, and depending on the County court, you'd have to wait for another four to six weeks.

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