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How To Evict Tenants Where There Is No Tenancy Agreement In Cardiff In South Glamorgan

It is more often that for short term tenancy landlords in Cardiff commonly do not have the tenancy agreement signed.

Even though landlords in Cardiff/Caerdydd, Chatham, or Merthyr Tydfil usually start with good intentions but are unable to produce a signed tenancy agreement due to a lot of reasons.

This could be because only one side has never signed the contract, or the original copy has been lost over time.

Actually, there is a possibility in South Glamorgan to legally evict the tenants in Cardiff who may be violating the some of the terms that are usually enshrined in the tenancy agreements.

You may not have the tenancy agreement, but in Cardiff you can find a legal solution with Denbigh Franks, so, you won't find illegal ways or take any unlawful actions.

Denbigh Franks are well experienced in dealing with expulsions of tenants in Cardiff/Caerdydd, Chatham, or Merthyr Tydfil when no tenancy agreement is open-and this does not impact the pace or quality of our operation.

We are quite familiar with the tenant evictions without a tenancy agreement in Cardiff and this does not even bother the eviction team of our firm.

First, try to speak with the tenant.

Explain the consequences that may follow if they fail to vacate within the stipulated time, and tell them that you will initiate a legal eviction process, and this could be the best solution in some cases where the tenant in Cardiff is difficult to deal with.

The tenant may plead for more time or take a cue and vacate the property before the certain number of days given by the landlord.

However, if the occupant persistently continues to ignore you and offers countless reasons as to why you are unable to leave your property in Cardiff/Caerdydd, Chatham, or Merthyr Tydfil, a legal process should be started immediately.

After this, you can contact a professional company like Cardiff based Denbigh Franks and we will provide a fixed-fee eviction service for you.

Denbigh Franks have a way to deal with such situations on your behalf, and they have a team that understands that some people in South Glamorgan do not like to discuss the situation with the tenant in Cardiff by themselves.

If you have any confusion about the process or you are unsure if you can evict the tenant in Cardiff without agreement or not, the simple answer is "Yes".

Reasons For The Removal Of Tenants In Cardiff Without A Tenancy Agreement

Several reasons are there that allow a landlord to remove the tenant in Chatham, Cardiff/Caerdydd, or Merthyr Tydfil and few of them include, the rent is unpaid or they have damaged the Cardiff property.

The arrangement that is existing in Cardiff could be informal and so there may have been no tenancy agreement available, for example if the tenant was previously a friend or partner.

Because the South Glamorgan property is being rented, even though there is no written agreement, an agreement of tenancy still exists.

An agreement that is verbal is also of importance.

It implies that are lawful options in Cardiff even without a written agreement.

How Denbigh Franks can evict tenants without a tenancy agreement in Cardiff/Caerdydd, Chatham, or Merthyr Tydfil.

Denbigh Franks would like to know if a lease was signed sometimes in the past, regardless of when it was signed.

Moreover, in Cardiff you should notice if an old lease/contract was signed or in case there was no formal written accord at all.

The lease or tenancy agreement exists in Cardiff in South Glamorgan every time either it is verbal or in writing.

The eviction service in Cardiff would also want to know if the landlord lost his copy of the lease while the tenant has his or that there was never a signed contract.

In this scenario, the landlord tries to evict a tenant in Cardiff/Caerdydd, Merthyr Tydfil, or Chatham in the absence of a lease or tenancy contract and an agreement was not signed previously then as far as payment has been paid for the Cardiff rental property, this is enough to prove that a tenancy was created, and terminating the tenancy is done with the same stipulations that guide tenancy terminations in South Glamorgan which have a lease or binding agreement.

If there was a Cardiff tenancy contract in the past which has expired, the lease agreement still exists and does not change, except it is stated otherwise in the contract, although the tenancy period is then classified as a periodic tenancy with an automatic renewal according to the frequency of rental payment.

The 1988 Housing Act's Sec. 8 involves notice of legally claiming ownership of an asset.

Sec.8 is normally given to Cardiff occupiers who have failed to pay their rent for over two months.

Denbigh Franks can advise you regarding what to do if you are considering serving Notice of Seeking Possession.

Even the Cardiff landlord has the legal and original copy of the written agreement in South Glamorgan, still, they need a reasonable and legitimate ground to vacate a tenant.

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What About Tenant Rights In Cardiff?

It is obvious the tenants in Merthyr Tydfil, Chatham, or Cardiff/Caerdydd are not going to be happy receiving an eviction notice and can most of the time find reasons why they don't believe the Cardiff eviction is fair, or where they believe there is something wrong with the premise.

This type of tenant in Cardiff may disobey the South Glamorgan court order and refuse to leave and bailiffs will take over from you and enforce the eviction.

Companies like Denbigh Franks for tenant evictions can aid with this problem so you can repossess your property in Cardiff as soon as possible.

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