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Evicting A Tenant In Gillingham, Kent With Denbigh Franks

Sometimes the ejection of a tenant in Gillingham, Kent can be a complicated process, and you will have to follow Denbigh Franks's steps carefully to do it legally.

Denbigh Franks's guidance covers guaranteed shorthold stocks in Kent, including 'periodic' holdings in Gillingham (run week by week or month by month with no defined end date) and Wouldham long-term holdings (run for a set amount of time).

Step One: Give The Tenant In Kent Notice Of Eviction In Gillingham

A Section 21 Notice is served in Kent to inform the occupant in Westfield Sole that you are seeking to regain property possession at the fixed-term tenancy's end or during 'periodic' tenancy with no fixed end date.

Let them have the Section 8 notice in Gillingham, Kent, in an instance where they have been broken the tenancy terms.

The legal eviction notice is between 2 weeks to 2 months depending on tenancy agreement terms in Westfield Sole.

However, generally, it is advisable in Gillingham, Kent to give your tenants a two months eviction notice, but there are exceptions, for example, in Gillingham, in the event that the tenant has stayed in the property for less than six months, or in Westfield Sole, if the premise is an HMO without a license.

There is such a service in Gillingham, Kent of Professional Notice Servers, with which you can be sure that your Gillingham, Westfield Sole, or Wouldham tenants have received a notification.

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Step 2: With Assistance From Denbigh Franks Seek A Possession Order In Kent's Gillingham

If your tenant in Westfield Sole, Gillingham, or Wouldham, doesn't move out after you give notice, then you need to go to a nearby court in Gillingham and apply for a Standard Possession Order.

In Gillingham, Kent, £325 is the cost.

However, if you are not claiming any unpaid rent in Gillingham, Kent, then you should apply for an Accelerated Possession Order, which, in Gillingham, Wouldham, or Westfield Sole costs £355, and this order is usually quicker as there is no court hearing.

You are required to fill out a form at Gillingham, Kent's County court.

The court in Kent will then send a copy to the tenants in Westfield Sole, Wouldham, or Gillingham, who will be required to respond within 14 days.

The aim of the order in Gillingham is to buoy the tenant in question to take the needed action of packing out.

Step 3: With Denbigh Franks's Assistance Submit An Application For A Warrant For Possession In Gillingham, Kent

If the tenants in Gillingham, Westfield Sole, or Wouldham also refuse to leave despite taking the above measure, there is one final option: and that is to request to the Kent court for a warrant for possession.

For a cost of £121, from your property in Gillingham, Wouldham, or Westfield Sole, Denbigh Franks bailiffs can remove tenants.

If you still need to speed up the process ask the transfer of the case from the County Court of Kent to the High Court, and the High court enforcement officer of Denbigh Franks will ensure the eviction.

But you can only be able to do this if you are having the claim of more than £600 including court costs in Gillingham, Kent.

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