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Liverpool Based Denbigh Franks Can Aid With Evicting A Tenant In Merseyside

Sometimes, evicting a Liverpool, Merseyside tenant may be a difficult and problematic situation so, if you wish to do it lawfully, it is important that you follow Denbigh Franks's steps with caution.

This guide will give you help from Denbigh Franks to evict Shorthold Tenancies in Liverpool, both tenancies that are fixed-term in Prescot (run for a fixed amount of time) and 'periodic' Tenancies in Liverpool (that run month by month or week by week with an end date that isn't fixed).

Step 1: In Merseyside's Liverpool, Provide Notice Of Eviction

Issuing or giving a Section 21 Notice in Liverpool is the first step towards evicting a tenant in Prescot, which lets the tenants know you want them out of your property at the end of the period stated in the notice.

However, if in Liverpool they have acted contrary to the tenancy agreement, you would be giving them a Section 8 notice in Merseyside instead.

On top of that, Liverpool notices can change from two weeks to two months, but this is based on the terms of the tenancy agreement.

However, generally, it is advisable in Liverpool, Merseyside to give your tenants a two months eviction notice, but there are exceptions, for example, in Liverpool, in the event that the tenant has stayed in the property for less than six months, or in Kirkby, if the premise is an HMO without a license.

You can use a Merseyside professional notice server service in Liverpool to ensure your tenants receive the notice on time in Prescot, Liverpool, or Kirkby.

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Step 2: Apply For A Liverpool, Merseyside Possession Order With Denbigh Franks

If your tenant in Kirkby, Liverpool, or Prescot, doesn't move out after you give notice, then you need to go to a nearby court in Liverpool and apply for a Standard Possession Order.

This costs £325 in Merseyside's Liverpool.

You can also request in Merseyside's Liverpool, for a Possession Order that is Accelerated if you have no unpaid rent to claim in Liverpool, Prescot, or Kirkby, and this attracts a fee of £355 and is faster since there won't be any court hearing.

You will need to visit the County Court in Liverpool, Merseyside and fill a form.

In Merseyside, a copy would then be sent to the tenant in Prescot, Kirkby, or Liverpool, and a reply would be expected within fourteen (14) days.

But if the tenant is in some serious trouble the Liverpool judge can extend this period.

Step 3: Application For A Warrant For Possession In Liverpool, Merseyside, With Denbigh Franks's Advice

You're left with one final option if the tenant in Kirkby, Liverpool, or Prescot doesn't leave the home after taking these steps: you can apply for a Warrant for Possession in the Merseyside court.

In this scenario, Enforcement agents from Denbigh Franks can go ahead and oust the occupants from your property in Liverpool, Prescot, or Kirkby, which attracts a fee of £121.

To have speedy proceedings, you can ask the Merseyside County Court to transfer your case to the High Court, then the eviction will be carried out by a Denbigh Franks High Court enforcement officer.

However, this option is only available if the amount you are claiming is greater than £600 inclusive of court costs in Liverpool, Merseyside.

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