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How To Evict Tenants Where There Is No Tenancy Agreement In Newcastle In Tyne and Wear

In some shorthold tenancies, it is likely that the landlords in Newcastle cannot provide a copy of the agreement of lease/contract.

The landlords in Tynemouth, Wallsend, or Washington always start the contract with good intentions, but they often fail to produce a signed copy of the contract.

There are two main reasons, either one party didn't sign the contract or they have lost the original copy by the time.

In Tyne and Wear, in case you notice that you don't have a tenancy accord and you are having issues with your tenants in Newcastle, there is a lawful recourse for this issue.

Regardless of the fact that your tenancy agreement is not present, Denbigh Franks are still able to provide you with a resolution that is legal in Newcastle so that you don't need to act irrationally.

Denbigh Franks are well versed with evictions of tenants in Washington, Wallsend, or Tynemouth when no agreement of tenancy is available, and the speed or effectiveness of our service cannot be hindered lack of those crucial documents from the landlord.

It is not uncommon to expel tenants in Newcastle without a tenancy agreement and is certainly not a problem for our expulsion team.

The first things to do is to speak with the tenant.

Make them understand the seriousness of the matter, and tell them if they didn't act right and leave within the given number of days, you will have to start a formal process of eviction in Newcastle.

This is sometimes enough to solve the problem, why not try it first.

However, in case the tenant avoids you constantly and is always making excuses for not leaving the property in Tynemouth, Wallsend, or Washington, you should begin to go for the process of legal eviction.

In such a case, contact the team at Denbigh Franks and they will provide the services of eviction in Newcastle on a fixed rate.

Denbigh Franks's team may help you to evict your tenants in Newcastle who may prove too complicated to handle and the ones that don't comply, and our team is readily available to assist most property owners in Tyne and Wear who feel unsettled when directly ejecting their tenants.

Landlords in Newcastle often ask us lots of questions regarding evicting tenants without a tenancy agreement, and it is true a landlord can evict the tenant without having a lease.

Reasons For Evicting Tenants Without Tenancy Contract In Newcastle

The reason could be because the tenant in Wallsend, Washington, or Tynemouth has not paid rent, or has damaged the property in Newcastle.

In the cases where the tenant in Newcastle is a friend or a family member, many landlords do not bother to have a direct conversation.

So, you don't have to worry if you have no formal document, because the Tyne and Wear property is on a lease, an agreement is existent.

An agreement that is verbal is also of importance.

It implies that are lawful options in Newcastle even without a written agreement.

Denbigh Franks can help you, a property owner in Washington, or Tynemouth, or Wallsend, to eject the leaseholder without a contract.

The eviction service at Denbigh Franks would want to know if there was any lease/tenancy agreement in the first place.

It is essential in Newcastle to know whether an old contract/lease was signed or if there was no formal agreement ever in place.

Just because a Newcastle property in Tyne and Wear is not in possession of a lease or tenancy agreement - it does not mean one does not exist.

It may be that the landlord in Newcastle has lost his copy of the contract (but the tenant still has a copy), or it may be that there has never been a signed contract (and thus no part has a tenancy contract).

If it happens that the property owner in Wallsend, Washington, or Tynemouth wants to evict a tenant in the absence of a tenancy agreement or lease they have never initially signed an agreement then as long as it can be proved that the money has been pain in exchange for the rental property in Newcastle then this in fact creates a tenancy, and bringing to an end such a tenancy in Tyne and Wear is subject to the same usual regulations as terminating a tenancy that had a formal contract / lease.

In case the Newcastle property holder possesses a lease agreement but is overdue, the lease terms will be upheld unless deemed otherwise, however, the lease will transform to broken up one, which is automatically renewed depending on the regularity of lease payments.

Section 8 of The Housing Act 1988 covers the Notice of Seeking Possession.

The eviction service can then give a Notice of Seeking Possession to the Newcastle tenants who owe over two (2) months' rent.

Denbigh Franks can always help you in taking wise steps to carry out this notice.

While the owner in Tyne and Wear's Newcastle has the permission to eject a tenant without a written agreement, there must be an authentic ground for ejection.

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What About Newcastle Tenant's Rights?

Yes, in case one has a valid ground for not getting out like complaining regarding the asset in Newcastle, and it is evident that leaseholders in Washington, Tynemouth, or Wallsend are unhappy when they receive an eviction notice and they may try to seek for means to safeguard themselves, so some may feel that the eviction is unwarranted.

Even after the legal process in Tyne and Wear, tenants in Newcastle can refuse to leave and in this case, you will need bailiffs to ensure the eviction.

Denbigh Franks's team can aid in helping with your problems and getting your property in Newcastle back efficiently.

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