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How To Evict A Norfolk Tenant Without Going To Norfolk Court

1. Section 8 Or Section 21 Notice To Use

In case you wish to inform your Norfolk tenant that you would want them to leave your residence in King's Lynn, Great Yarmouth, or Norwich, it will be required to serve either a Section 8 or Section 21 under the Housing Act 1988.

A Norfolk tenant is issued with a Sec. 21 notice by Denbigh Franks so that they get notice of possession.

A Section 21 notice of possession means you can take back ownership of the Norfolk property in Norfolk at the end of a fixed-term agreement, or activate an agreed break clause.

When serving a Section 21 notice in Norfolk, you do not have to give the reasons for claiming possession.

If you have any grounds for eviction in Norfolk's Norfolk, you will have to send the Section 8 notice to your tenants.

For instant if the client has destroyed the property in Norwich or defaulted in their rent payment in King's Lynn, or made a nuisance in Great Yarmouth.

When any of these happens, the lease can be terminated during its fixed term if the lease agreement has been violated by the Norfolk tenant.

However, it could lead to a dispute between both parties that ends in going to court in Norfolk where sufficient proof for eviction will have to presented.

Although the notices serve different reasons and are completely independent, they generate the same result, which includes you obtaining your Norfolk residence back.

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2. Denbigh Franks Serve A Section 21 Notice Of Possession

Normally, a Section 21 notice though considered as an eviction notice, it only informs the tenants in Norfolk about your wish to repossess your asset in Great Yarmouth, Norwich, or King's Lynn once they vacate.

The first step to take is to provide the Norfolk tenant with no less than two months' notice that you need them to leave the residence in Norfolk at the end of the tenancy.

In Norfolk, you may serve a Section 21 notice of possession in case a fixed term of the tenancy has ended or if a clause was broken.

You have the right to do so even if your tenant in Norfolk has not violated any term of the agreement and you also don't need to provide a reason for getting the possession of your property in Norfolk back.

However, if you want to be able to enforce the notice in the court in Norfolk, you must serve the Section 21 notice accurately.

The 2015 Deregulation Act amendments made changes in how tenancy agreements come to an end while utilising the Section 21 notice.

It is applied to the Norfolk tenancies that were signed on or after 1 October 2015.

However, after 1 October 2018, it applies to all tenancies in Norfolk.

The key rules include:

Section 21 notifications may not be received from Denbigh Franks during the first four months of the tenancy however, if the tenancy has been extended after the expiration of the fixed term, Section 21 notice may be issued at any time in Norfolk during the duration of the renewed tenancy.

A section 21 notice is legitimate only for 6 months, and if you didn't get the proceedings of possession in Norfolk, Norfolk, during the 6-month period, you will need to issue another notice.

If a legitimate complaint is made by your tenant in Norfolk about the condition of your property in Norfolk and you fail to solve it, the tenant may then take the issue to the local housing authority; A Section 21 notice issued after the first complaint won't be valid once the notice from the local housing authority is served.

Use the correct form you must use Form 6A to create a report under Section 21.

The validity of the Section 21 Notice is enhanced when the following are provided the Norfolk tenant at the start of the rent period:

A Gas Safety Certificate

An Energy Performance Certificate

The landlord must provide the guide "How to Rent" at the beginning of the tenancy

3. In Norfolk Serve A Section 8 Eviction Notice With Denbigh Franks's Help

If you have a plausible reason for evicting a tenant in Norwich, Great Yarmouth, or King's Lynn, you can begin the eviction process to recover your property in Norfolk, by issuing the tenant a Section 8 eviction notice.

The criteria for enforcing Section 8 of the eviction decree in Norfolk are laid down under Schedule 2 to the Housing Act, 1988.

These are the most popular reasons for a tenant eviction in Norfolk's Norfolk:

Rent arrears

Destruction of property


You will have to fill in a notice claiming possession of your property let on an assured agricultural occupancy or an assured tenancy if you wish to serve the section 8 to the tenant in Great Yarmouth, Norwich, or King's Lynn.

You should state the reasons for your removal from Norfolk on the memo and forward the memo two weeks or two months prior according to the conditions applied.

If the tenant in Norfolk still refuses to vacate your property, apply for a possession order in the court in Norfolk.

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4. Make An Order Of Possession In Norfolk, Norfolk

If your tenant in Norfolk refuses to leave even after being served with an eviction notice from Denbigh Franks, then you can take the necessary action against them.

If you served a Section 21 notice in Norfolk, you can use an accelerated possession order, and in this situation, you do not claim any unpaid rent while there is a written tenancy agreement available.

The landlord can go ahead with the regular possession order in Norfolk if they desire to take their property back in Norwich, King's Lynn, or Great Yarmouth or have furnished a Section 21 or 8 notice to the tenant and still want the remaining rent balance from the tenant.

You may resort to the last resort of using a Norfolk County Court Bailiff to evict the tenant, and you should only resort to this if the tenant failed to vacate your property in Norfolk after the order for possession expired. Note that this process may take between four (4) to six (6) weeks depending on the workings of the County Court.

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