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Without Going To Staffordshire Court, How Do I Evict A Stafford Tenant

1. Deciding Between A Section 8 Or Section 21 Notice

If you want your Stafford tenant to leave your property in Little Haywood, Hixon, or Stafford and also willing to serve them with notification regarding this then you will have to send them Section 21 of Section 8 notice under Housing Act 1988.

Notice of possession in Section 21 is provided by Denbigh Franks to a tenant in Stafford for a 'notice of possession'.

When the fixed term tenancy agreement expires, you can also initiate a break clause if mentioned on the agreement or taken possession of the Stafford property in Staffordshire.

You should keep in mind that after serving a valid Section 21 notice in Staffordshire, you won't have to provide any reason to claim possession.

If you have any grounds for eviction in Staffordshire's Stafford, you will have to send the Section 8 notice to your tenants.

It is ideal for defaulting tenants in Hixon or those damaging your property in Stafford, or those making a nuisance in Little Haywood.

If the Stafford tenant has violated the agreement at any stage this makes you eligible to end the fixed term tenancy.

However, if your tenant disagrees, the case would then be settled in Staffordshire court and you may be required to produce a proof of the reason for evicting the tenant.

Both Section 8 and Section 21 notice operate differently to let you recover your property, however, they produce the same result - helping you repossess your property in Stafford.

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2. Serve A Section 21 Notice For Possession With Denbigh Franks's Assistance

Technically a section 21 notice isn't an eviction notice, it's a notice meant to let the tenant in Stafford know that you, the landlord, wish to repossess the property in Hixon, Little Haywood, or Stafford once they leave.

To give the Stafford Tenant a notice of almost 2 months is the first step which means that you want your tenants to leave the property in Staffordshire at the end of the tenancy.

A Section 21 notice is issued in Stafford in case of an agreed break clause or the agreement is reaching expiry.

You can serve this notice even if the tenant in Stafford hasn't done wrong, and you don't have a reason to recover the Staffordshire property's possession.

However, a section 21 notice must be served well for you to be able to enforce it in Staffordshire court.

You should note that the Deregulation Act 2015 brought changes to the way you can end tenancies using the provisions of a section 21 rule of law.

Initially, these changes only applied to Stafford leases that were agreed on or after 1 October 2015.

But three years later to all Staffordshire tenancies it applies, regardless of the time it was agreed.

The key rules include:

Denbigh Franks can't issue a section 21 notice during the first 4 months of tenancy, however, a landlord can issue a section 21 notice any time during the renewed tenancy in case the tenancy in Stafford has been redeemed after the termination of a fixed term.

A section 21 notice is legitimate only for 6 months starting from the date it was served, and another notice should be issued in Staffordshire's Stafford in case proceedings of possession are not provided during the 6-month period.

The tenant in Stafford has the right to contact the local housing authority after you refused to attend to his complaint's about the condition of your property in Staffordshire; If the local housing authority issues a notice after the routine complaint, the Section 21 Notice becomes invalid.

Use the correct form you must use Form 6A to create a report under Section 21.

Before, a Section 21 notice you serve can be valid, you must give your Stafford tenant the following information when they rent your property:

A Gas Safety Certificate

An Energy Performance Certificate

A Rental guide which is provided to the tenant at the beginning of a lease

3. Issue A Section 8 Eviction Notice In Stafford With Denbigh Franks's Assistance

You can begin the process of eviction in Little Haywood, Stafford, or Hixon by issuing a section 8 notice if you have one or more grounds for eviction in Stafford.

Schedule 2 of the Housing Act of 1988 spells out the grounds for issuing a section 8 in Staffordshire.

Some of the reasons why you should evict a tenant in Staffordshire's Stafford are:

Rent arrears

Damaging the property

Causing nuisance to the neighbours

You are required to fill in a 'Notice seeking possession of a residence let on an ensured tenancy or agricultural occupancy' in order to provide your tenants in Hixon, Little Haywood, or Stafford with notice.

You have to mention on the notice that what terms of lease your tenant in Stafford has violated and notice ranging from 2 weeks to 2 months must be given which depends on the terms of agreement you rely on.

However, if your Stafford tenants do not leave by the specified date, then you can apply to the court in Staffordshire for a possession order.

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4. Make An Order Of Possession In Staffordshire's Stafford

There are chances that your Stafford tenant may refuse to vacate your property even after getting the notice from Denbigh Franks, so be prepared to act.

If you served a Section 21 notice in Stafford, you can use an accelerated possession order, and in this situation, you do not claim any unpaid rent while there is a written tenancy agreement available.

The standard possession claim can be used when service of a section 21 or a section 8 notice in Stafford or you want to recover your property in Hixon, Stafford, or Little Haywood, and rent arrears that are unpaid .

If the possession order has expired and the tenant fails to vacate in Stafford, then it's vital to notify the Staffordshire County Court Bailiff to help you evict the tenant - this may take additional four weeks or more depending on the County Court.

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