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How To Carry Out Uk Tenant Evictions With Denbigh Franks In Surrey

How Do You End An Agreement Of Tenancy In Surrey's Surrey

The following points must be considered if a landlord wants to terminate a periodic AST (Assured Shorthold tenancy) in Woking-Byfleet, Guildford, or Crawley.

In case of a contractual shorthold tenancy agreement in Surrey, stipulations have to be present in the contract otherwise one should seek legal clarification and advice before any step is taken

In the case of the Statutory Periodic AST in Surrey, the landlord has to give a 2-month eviction notice that should correspond with the last day a tenant in Surrey is expected to renew the rent, for example, if the rent period runs from April 1 to July 2, the date to be mentioned as the end of the tenancy date in the notice should be July 2

If a landlord in Surrey decides to cancel a set AST term before the end of the term, the following must be addressed.

If the tenancy agreement has made provision for this situation, a landlord in Surrey will be able to seek repossession of his property

If there is one, they may trigger the break clause in the deal and use a Section 21 warning afterwards, therefore, tenants in Woking-Byfleet, Crawley, or Guildford cannot use the notification of Section 21 if they decide to end a lease for a fixed period

In case a landlord in Surrey may demonstrate they have grounds for possession, like rent debts, they can look for possession using a Section 8 notice

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Understanding The Eviction Process In Surrey's Surrey

To legally kick a tenant out in Surrey, you will need to follow three stages.

1. Serving Notice In Surrey - Proceedings Of Section 8

You seek the repossession of your property in Guildford, Woking-Byfleet, or Crawley with this notice when a tenant breaches a term of the tenancy agreement.

Usually, section 8 notices are served when the tenants in Surrey in Surrey have any pending rent.

The first step in evicting a tenant who fails to pay their rent in Guildford, Crawley, or Woking-Byfleet is issuing them with a 'Section 8' notice.

If they owe over eight weeks' or two months' rent and, if there are no strange circumstances, the court in Surrey will likely grant a possession order in favour of the landlord.

A possession order in Surrey can be issued to the tenant at any time.

If the tenant in Surrey is unable to pay the rent for more than 2 months and after the issuance of Section 8 when the tenant refuses to vacate the land in Surrey, the court proceedings are important and necessary.

For evicting the tenant in Woking-Byfleet, Guildford, or Crawley and getting back possession, the tenant must not have paid the rent for at least two months during the hearings of the court.

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2. The Implication Of Surrey Court Proceeding

There will be a court hearing before a judge in Surrey where there is rent arrears and a possession claim (Section 8).

The landlord in Woking-Byfleet, Crawley, or Guildford must attend the hearing or hire an agent to represent themselves for court in Surrey.

The agent or landlord in Surrey will have to be well versant with the tenancy and should have everything ready such as the rent arrears and the agreement of tenancy.

However, if the tenant pays the rent arrears fully before the hearing date in Surrey, then a landlord may not succeed in obtaining a possession order.

If you have a successful claim, the Surrey tenant has just 14 days as per the Possession Order.

This implies that the tenant in Woking-Byfleet, Guildford, or Crawley must vacate the property by 14 days after the court hearing in Surrey.

If the tenant in Surrey does not vacate, the landlord will need to appoint a bailiff from Denbigh Franks to administer the eviction.

Also, the judgement for the arrears of rent may also be given in Surrey, then the landlord may also make a claim for interest and costs.

3. Eviction In Surrey - Using The Local Court Bailiff

In case the tenant in Surrey is not leaving your property even after the expiry of the order of possession, the Surrey bailiff is mostly appointed for escorting the tenants and their possessions out of the property.

Applying for an eviction warrant in Surrey can mean the process lasts for 6 more weeks.

Through the courts in Surrey, it may take from four to six months to get the property back in Guildford, Crawley, or Woking-Byfleet.

Sometimes, problematic tenants in Surrey can delay the case even more, so the best route is to dialogue with the tenant first, to try and resolve the rent issues before you start a proceeding in Surrey court.

Sadly, that's not always possible, especially if you pay a mortgage in Surrey with the rent it can be harrowing to think of.

In this scenario, a landlord must act fast to ensure that losses remain within the barest minimum.

However, you don't have the right to harass the tenant in Woking-Byfleet, Guildford, or Crawley in any situation.

The punishment for harassment is serious and may result in heavy fines in Surrey.

Before doing any such thing contact an expert from Denbigh Franks for professional advice and act through proper channel.

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