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How To Evict Tenants When There Is No Tenancy Agreement In Surrey, Surrey

It is quite common among the landlord when it comes to the short-hold tenancy in Surrey, that you will find yourself without a tenancy agreement or contract for it.

While landlords in Woking-Byfleet, Crawley, or Guildford often begin with the correct purpose for multiple reasons, they may not be able to provide a contract copy that is signed.

The reason for this could be the original copy was misplaced or one party did not sign the agreement.

If your tenants in Surrey are creating problems for you and you are not sure about the eviction procedure in Surrey as you do not have an agreement so you don't need to panic as this problem still has the legal solution.

Even when you don't have a tenancy agreement, you can still have adequate legal solutions with Denbigh Franks's help without using unlawful means to evict your Surrey tenants that do not have tenancy agreements.

Denbigh Franks have many years of experience in handling eviction of tenants in Woking-Byfleet, Guildford, or Crawley without a lease agreement and this has no impact on efficiency or speed of the services we offer.

We are quite familiar with the tenant evictions without a tenancy agreement in Surrey and this does not even bother the eviction team of our firm.

The first thing you should do is to chat with your tenant.

Make them understand the seriousness of the matter, and tell them if they didn't act right and leave within the given number of days, you will have to start a formal process of eviction in Surrey.

It is enough in many cases, so it is never a bad idea to try it before going for the legal process.

However, if the occupant persistently continues to ignore you and offers countless reasons as to why you are unable to leave your property in Woking-Byfleet, Crawley, or Guildford, a legal process should be started immediately.

You need to contact an experienced eviction specialist such as Denbigh Franks in Surrey to carry out the process, and we will charge you a fixed fee for providing services.

Denbigh Franks can handle the eviction process efficiently for you if it happens that your tenants in Surrey are unyielding and adamant, since this may be a problem for many landlords in Surrey.

Landlords in Surrey frequently asked us about "can you evict a tenant without lease" and "how can I evict a tenant without lease", and we always replied such questions with the big YES.

Reasons For Evicting A Tenant In Surrey Without A Tenancy Agreement

The common reasons are destruction of property in Surrey and the tenant has unpaid rent in Crawley, Woking-Byfleet, or Guildford.

You may find out that maybe the living arrangements were informal and no tenancy agreement was put in place in Surrey, a good example if the tenant was previously a friend or partner to the landlord.

There is no need to worry about the contract of tenancy in the written form as there would automatically be one between the two parties when the Surrey property is given on rent.

An oral agreement is significant as well.

So, there are lawful alternatives in Surrey even with no agreement.

Denbigh Franks will help you as landlords in evicting the tenants in Woking-Byfleet, Guildford, or Crawley without the lease.

Foremost, the Denbigh Franks team requests to know if a signed contract existed by the time the lease started.

It is important to know if no lease was signed in Surrey, or if there was a formal agreement at any time.

In case of landlord in Surrey's Surrey does not have a tenancy agreement it does not depicts it's not existence.

It could be that the property owner in Surrey misplaced their copy of the contract (but the tenant still holds a copy), or it could be that signed contract never existed (and therefore both sides don't have a tenancy contract).

If it was discovered that a lease/tenancy agreement was signed in the first place but cannot be located at the immediate time but a Guildford, Woking-Byfleet, or Crawley landlord wishes to continue with eviction, the eviction service would want to have proof(s) of money exchanges between the landlord and the tenant in Surrey, then providing a proof of money exchange establishes there is a tenant at the property and ending the tenancy in Surrey uses the same rules as a formal contract tenancy.

If the tenancy exists in Surrey but has expired, it is still valid, and the agreed terms remain unchanged, although, the tenancy now comes under the periodic tenancy, and this is automatically renewed according to the rental payment frequency.

The Notice of asking for Possession is a legal process covered by Section 8 of the 1988 Housing Act.

This is a notice you give a tenant in Surrey to recover possession of your property, if they owe more than two months' rent.

If you wish to serve this notice to the tenants, it is recommended to first seek advice from Denbigh Franks.

It's expected that there must be a legitimate and reasonable grounds for eviction even if the landlord in Surrey in Surrey has legal support without a written agreement.

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What About Considering Rights Of The Surrey Tenants?

Of course, if they have genuine reasons for not vacating such as complaints about the property in Surrey and it is obvious that tenants in Crawley, Woking-Byfleet, or Guildford are not pleased when they are sent a notice for eviction and will try to look for ways to defend themselves, and think eviction is unfair to them.

Even after the legal process in Surrey, tenants in Surrey can refuse to leave and in this case, you will need bailiffs to ensure the eviction.

Denbigh Franks will also handle all the problems and help to evict your tenants in Surrey fast so that you repossess your property efficiently.

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