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Denbigh Franks Give Aid In Evicting A Tenant In Westminster, Greater London

Sometimes, it may be cumbersome to successfully evict a tenant, and if you want to evict a tenant legally in Westminster, Greater London, you may be required to do it according to steps from Denbigh Franks.

This guide by Denbigh Franks discusses Tenancies in Westminster that are Assured Shorthold, both Westminster and Barnes tenancies that are fixed-term and Tenancies that are 'Periodic'.

Instruction 1: Issue In Westminster, Greater London Notice Of Eviction

At the end of the fixed term in Greater London, you can simply give a Section 21 notice to the tenants in Barnes if you don't want to keep them as tenants anymore.

A section 8 notice is served to the tenant in Westminster when you have grounds for eviction such as violation of tenancy agreement terms, rent arrears, nuisance or damage to the Greater London property.

Notice in Balham can differ from 2 months to 2 weeks based on the occupancy agreement.

Generally, the landlords in Greater London are required to send a notice of at least 2 months, although there are some anomalies in Westminster, such as, if the tenant in Balham has not resided in the property for at least 6 months, or if the property in Barnes is an unlicensed HMO.

A Professional Notice Servers service in Westminster can be used to be able to make it easy in Greater London for the tenant in Westminster, Balham or Barnes to get eviction notices.

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Step 2: Get A Possession Order In Greater London From The Westminster Court With Support From Denbigh Franks

After you've notified your occupants in Westminster and they refuse to pack out, then your next course of action in Westminster, Barnes, or Balham, is to go to court and request a Standard Possession Order.

This costs £325 in Westminster, Greater London.

If there are no unpaid rents in Westminster, Greater London to claim, apply for a more expensive and faster Accelerated Possession Order in Barnes, Balham, or Westminster, without a court hearing at a cost of £355.

You just have to fill in a form at the County Court of Greater London's Westminster.

The tenant in Barnes, Balham, or Westminster will receive a copy of the form in Greater London and must reply within two weeks.

However, the judge in Westminster may extend this period in case the tenant is in serious problem.

Step 3: Apply For A Warrant For Possession Of Property In Westminster, Greater London, With Help From Denbigh Franks

If still the tenant in Barnes, Westminster, or Balham has refused to vacate your property after the court order date has expired, you will need to go to the court in Greater London for a final time: Applying for a Warrant of Possession.

For £121, the tenant in Barnes, Balham, or Westminster can be evicted by the bailiffs from Denbigh Franks.

Separately, it is worth noting that to expedite the procedure, you can ask to transfer the case from the Greater London district court to the High Court, and a law enforcement officer of the High Court from Denbigh Franks will conduct an eviction.

This is predominant in Westminster, Greater London, when your claims are more than £600 after removing the court costs.

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