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Squat Eviction In Bedfordshire, Bedfordshire

If you are a squatter in Bedfordshire, you risk being evicted easily or arrested.

What Is Squatting In Bedfordshire, Bedfordshire?

Squatting refers to the occupation of property or land in Bedfordshire without owner's or tenant's consent.

When you are homeless in Dunstable, Leighton Buzzard, or Bedford, squatting is the last resort.

Squatting isn't a long-term option if you are homeless as you will be evicted from the building in Bedfordshire and possibly arrested one day.

You are not considered a squatter if, after your tenancy expires, you remain in the property in Bedfordshire.

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Causes Of Being Arrested In Bedfordshire's Bedfordshire

Don't forget living in someone's property in Bedfordshire without permission is a crime.

They can arrest, and convict you and you may face:

Up to six months in prison in Bedfordshire

Fined up to £5000

The authorities aren't going to arrest you in Bedfordshire if you:

Squat In Commercial Property In Dunstable, Leighton Buzzard, Or Bedford

Continued living in the same premises in Bedfordshire after the end of tenancy or licence

Began living in the Bedfordshire property genuinely thinking you were a tenant - for example where a fake letting agent rented you a property, they had no permission to

Are a Traveller residing on an unauthorised land in Bedfordshire

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Eviction Of Squatters In Bedfordshire, Bedfordshire

Eviction of squatters in Bedfordshire is possible if:

The Bedfordshire police do not want to arrest you

The owner of the property in Bedford, Dunstable, or Leighton Buzzard does not want to call the police

They are living in business premises in Bedfordshire

The owner in Bedfordshire can lock you out of the property whilst you are not there.

The owner usually gets a court order in Bedfordshire if someone is squatting in his property in Bedfordshire and refuses to move.

However, the usage of threats or being violent for evicting someone is not legalized.

The owner needs to attach the copy of their possession claim forms to the front door at least 5 days before court hearing in Bedfordshire, or 2 days for those situated on commercial premises.

These must be accompanied by a defence form and the details of the time and place of the court hearing.

You may challenge the landlord's case if you are not squatting in the property in Bedfordshire.

You can do this by forwarding to court the defence form and be in attendance of court hearings in Bedfordshire.

If the Bedfordshire court rules that you are a squatter, you would be ordered to vacate the Bedfordshire property within a short timeframe.

If they don't leave, the owner can request bailiffs from the Bedfordshire court to evict you.

Help For The Homeless From The Council In Bedfordshire's Bedfordshire

If you are a Squatter in Bedford, Dunstable, or Leighton Buzzard, you are deemed to be homeless as you have no right to live in another person's property illegally.

To take help, you can apply to the local council in Bedfordshire and request to help you as a homeless person.

If you are single and homeless, the council in Bedfordshire will give you advice about finding a place to live in Bedfordshire.

In some Bedfordshire areas, specialist services may render emergency help as an alternative to sleeping rough.

If you're in dire priority need such as have kids or pregnant, the council in Bedfordshire may help you with emergency housing.

Those who come under the immigration or residences restrictions won't be able to get longer-term housing from the council, such as asylum seekers in Bedford, Leighton Buzzard, or Dunstable or a "no recourse to public funds" status.

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