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Squat Eviction In Bournemouth In Dorset

You can be easily evicted and arrested if you are a squatter in Bournemouth.

What Does Squatting Mean In Dorset's Bournemouth?

Squatting involves occupying and residing in a property in Bournemouth without the owner or tenant's permission.

Usually when you are homeless in Bournemouth, Newport, or Christchurch, squatting is a last resort.

Squatting is not a long-term answer as you can be evicted from the location in Bournemouth and arrested at any time.

You are not considered a squatter if, after your tenancy expires, you remain in the property in Dorset.

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Reasons For Being Arrested In Bournemouth, Dorset

Squatting in a residential property in Bournemouth is a criminal act.

You can be arrested and convicted and you may be:

Remand you in Bournemouth for up to 6 months

Be fined a maximum of £5,000

However, you cannot be arrested as a squatter in Dorset if:

Squatting In Any Commercial Places In Newport, Bournemouth, Or Christchurch

Remained in the rental property in Bournemouth after your license or tenancy ended

You were deceived by a bogus letting agent into believing that you are a tenant of the Dorset premises

You are gypsy or wanderer residing in area that is unauthorized in Bournemouth

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How Squatters Can Be Evicted In Bournemouth In Dorset

Squatters in Bournemouth may be removed if:

The police in Dorset are not willing to arrest them

The owner in Newport, Christchurch, or Bournemouth does not report to the police

You live in a commercial property in Bournemouth

The owner in Bournemouth can go to the property and change the locks while you are outside the premises.

If you refuse to leave the Bournemouth property, the owner can't threaten or force you out rather, they can get a court order for your eviction in Dorset.

Use of violence or threat against you is illegal.

The property owner must give a copy of possession claim papers either through the letterbox or post it on the squatter's door at least five days prior to the court proceedings in Dorset or two days for those living in a commercial building.

The documents must contain the information about place and date of hearing in the court and also defence form.

In case you are not a squatter in Bournemouth, then you can challenge the owner's claim of property possession.

Simply, go to the court hearing in Bournemouth and return the defence form.

You will be ordered to quickly leave the property in Bournemouth by the court in Dorset.

If you are squatting a property otherwise you will be evicted by the bailiffs from the court in Dorset.

Homeless Support From The Council In Bournemouth In Dorset

Since squatters in Bournemouth, Christchurch, or Newport have no permission to stay on a property, they are classifying as homeless.

You should apply for assistance as a homeless person to your local council in Bournemouth.

The Dorset council must advise you to find a place to stay somewhere in Bournemouth if you are homeless and also single.

There are certain areas in Dorset with specialist services to provide emergency assistance to eliminate sleeping rough.

In some situation, the council in Bournemouth may need to give you emergency shelter if you are deemed as a priority case (pregnant, with children, or in danger).

Those who come under the immigration or residences restrictions won't be able to get longer-term housing from the council, such as asylum seekers in Bournemouth, Christchurch, or Newport or a "no recourse to public funds" status.

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