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Squat Eviction In Chatham, Kent

Squatters in Chatham can be at risk of being arrested.

What Squatting Means In Kent's Chatham?

Squatting simply means staying on property or land in Chatham without permission from the owner or leaseholder.

When you are homeless in Gillingham, Capstone, or Rochester, squatting is the last resort.

It isn't an option that is long-term for the homeless, and you will possibly be arrested and almost certainly be removed in Chatham.

If you lived in a property in Kent after your tenancy or licence came to an end you are considered as a squatter.

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Reasons For Being Arrested In Chatham, Kent

It is a criminal offense to squat in a rental property in Chatham.

You may be arrested and if you are convicted, you could:

Go to jail in Chatham for about 6 months

Be fined a maximum of £5,000

You won't be arrested in Kent if you:

Squatters Are In A Commercial Property In Capstone, Rochester, Or Gillingham

You keep on staying within the rental premises in Chatham upon expiry of tenancy or certificate

Entered the apartment in Kent genuinely thinking you were a tenant - a fraudulent letting agent rented the property to you without the right to

You are only a gypsy or traveller camping on an unlicensed land in Chatham

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How Squatters Can Be Evicted In Chatham, Kent

A squatter in Chatham can be easily evicted if:

The Kent police do not want to arrest you

The owner in Gillingham, Capstone, or Rochester does not report to the police

You are living in a commercial place in Chatham

The owner in Chatham can change the locks of the doors when you're not at home.

The landlord in Chatham would usually have to get a court order in Kent if you or some other squatter within the property refuse to leave.

Harassment and threats of violence are against the law.

The owner must send a copy of their possession claim documents via the letterbox or attach it to the front door at least 5 days to the court hearing in Kent (or 2 days for squatters in commercial sites).

The details of the time and place of court hearing must be mentioned in this form and a defence form with these forms.

You will have to challenge the owner's claim if you are not a squatter in Chatham.

Do this by going to the court hearing in Chatham on the date specified and return the defence forms to the court.

If you are actually squatter, the court in Kent will order you to vacate the property in Chatham right away.

The owner must require the bailiffs from the court in Kent to evict you if you don't leave.

Apply For Help As A Homeless Person In Kent's Chatham

Squatters in Rochester, Gillingham, or Capstone are classified as homeless because you are not entitled to live where you are.

Since you don't have somewhere to go to, it would be wise to apply to the local council in Chatham for help as a homeless person.

The Kent council may assist you finding somewhere you can live in Chatham if you aren't married and without a home.

Those who are priority can also get emergency housing from the council in Kent as opposed to sleeping rough.

The Chatham council may have to give you emergency residence if you are in priority need, such as being expectant, having children or are vulnerable.

But the council will not provide an immigrant who is seeking asylum in Rochester, Gillingham, or Capstone an emergency or permanent housing because you do not have a right to public funds.

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