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Eviction Of Squatters In Enfield, Greater London

Squatters in Enfield are prone to eviction and can be arrested easily.

What Squatting Means In Greater London's Enfield?

Squatting means living in a property in Enfield without the permission of the homeowner.

Squatting is often a last resort kind of thing for people who are homeless in Crews Hill, Wormley, or Hoddesdon.

It can not prove to be a long-standing option for homeless people as they are most likely to be evicted from Enfield or arrested by police.

You are not a squatter if you stayed at the property in Greater London after the end of the tenancy term or license.

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When You Could Be Arrested In Enfield, Greater London

If you enter a residential property in Enfield illegally to squat, this is a criminal offence.

Squatting can get you arrested and if convicted, you may:

Sent for up to six months in prison in Enfield

Up to £ 5,000 fined

You may not be arrested in Greater London if you are:

Squatting In Any Commercial Places In Wormley, Hoddesdon, Or Crews Hill

You keep on staying within the rental premises in Enfield upon expiry of tenancy or certificate

You got deceived by a fraud rental agent and you actually thought you are a tenant in the property in Greater London

You are living on an unauthorized area in Enfield as a gypsy or traveller

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How Squatters Can Be Evicted In Enfield, Greater London

Enfield squatters can be evicted for many reasons, such as:

Police in Greater London are not showing an interest for arrestation

The owner in Hoddesdon, Wormley, or Crews Hill does not want police involvement

You are living in a commercial place in Enfield

It is the responsibility of the Enfield owner to access the property and change the locks after you have left the building.

If you refuse to leave the Enfield property, the owner can't threaten or force you out rather, they can get a court order for your eviction in Greater London.

Just know that threats to any kind of violence are illegal for an owner.

The owner of the property is bound to deliver copy of documents with possession claim to the squatter through post or letterbox no less than five days before the proceedings of the court in Greater London or at least two days before in case of a commercialized property.

It must include the defence form along with the details of the exact date and time of the hearing.

You have the right to challenge the owner's case if you aren't a squatter in Enfield.

This can be done by taking back the defence form to the court and attending the hearing in Enfield on the specified date.

If you squat, the Greater London court will order you to vacate the property in Enfield pronto.

If you don't vacate the property, bailiffs from the court in Greater London may evict you on the owner's order.

Council's Assistance To The Homeless In Enfield, Greater London

Squatters in Crews Hill, Wormley, or Hoddesdon are categorized as homeless since they don't have the right to be staying where they are.

You should apply for assistance as a homeless person to your local council in Enfield.

The Greater London council must advise you to find a place to stay somewhere in Enfield if you are homeless and also single.

In some areas in Greater London, special services may provide emergency help as an alternative to sleeping rough.

In case you have urgent needs to be met for instance, you are pregnant or have children with you, the local council in Enfield can assist in providing housing on emergency basis.

However, local council will not be able to assist you in emergency or long-term housing in case you are restricted with residency or immigration status such as asylum seekers in Hoddesdon, Crews Hill, or Wormley.

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