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Squatters Eviction In Maidstone In Kent

You can be easily evicted and arrested if you are a squatter in Maidstone.

What Is Squatting In Kent's Maidstone?

Squatting involves occupying and residing in a property in Maidstone without the owner or tenant's permission.

If you're homeless, the squatting in Maidstone, Coxheath, or Ditton isn't a long-term option for you.

The chances are that you'd be evicted from the Maidstone property and arrested if you're committing this offence.

You will not be regarded as a squatter in case you continue to reside on the property or land in Kent after the end of your license or tenancy.

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Reasons For Being Arrested In Maidstone, Kent

It is a crime to squat in a residential property in Maidstone.

If found guilty after an arrest, you must:

Sent to prison in Maidstone for a maximum of six months

Be penalised up to £5,000

Reasons why you should not be arrested in Kent:

Squatting Is Done In Commercialized Buildings In Maidstone, Coxheath, Or Ditton

Went to stay in the property in Maidstone after your tenancy or licence expired

You have been deceived into thinking you were a tenant, for instance, if you have rented a property in Kent from a fraudulent agent

You are a traveller or gipsy living on an unauthorized site in Maidstone

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How Squatters Can Be Evicted In Maidstone In Kent

Squatters in Maidstone may be removed if:

Police in Kent are not showing an interest for arrestation

The owner of the property in Ditton, Maidstone, or Coxheath is not interested in involving the police

He/she lives in a commercial property in Maidstone

The owner in Maidstone has the right to change the locks when you are not there.

In case a squatter in a property in Maidstone refuse to move out, the owner may seek a court injunction in Kent.

Harassment and threats of violence are against the law.

The property owner must give a copy of possession claim papers either through the letterbox or post it on the squatter's door at least five days prior to the court proceedings in Kent or two days for those living in a commercial building.

The information on the possession claim must include Details of the time of the court hearing, The place of the hearing, A defence form.

You have a right to contest the landowner's case if you are not squatting on the property in Maidstone.

Then, be present at the court hearing in Maidstone and return the defence form to the court.

But if you are a squatter, the Kent court will instantly require you to leave the premises in Maidstone.

If you don't vacate the property, bailiffs from the court in Kent may evict you on the owner's order.

How Homeless Persons Can Get Help From The Council In Maidstone In Kent

Basically, squatters in Ditton, Maidstone, or Coxheath are regarded as homeless considering that they are not allowed to stay around.

If you seek assistance as a homeless person from your local council in Maidstone, you may likely be considered.

The Kent council will give you advice about how to find a place to stay in Maidstone if you are single and homeless.

In some areas in Kent, special services may provide emergency help as an alternative to sleeping rough.

If you're in dire priority need such as have kids or pregnant, the council in Maidstone may help you with emergency housing.

But if you are under immigration or residency restrictions, for instance, you are seeking asylum in Ditton, Coxheath, or Maidstone or immigration status is showing that you don't have any access to public funds then Council is not bound to provide you with emergency or long-term housing solution.

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