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Removing Squatters In Greater London's Newham

If you are squatting in Newham, you could be easily arrested and evicted.

In Greater London's Newham, What Is Squatting?

The term squatting means occupying land or property in Newham without the consent of the tenant or the owner.

Most times, squatting is the only remaining choice when you are homeless in Beckton, Custom House, or Canning Town.

Squatting is not a long-term answer as you can be evicted from the location in Newham and arrested at any time.

You're not squatting if you stayed on in a property in Greater London after your tenancy or licence ended.

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Reasons For Being Arrested In Newham, Greater London

If you enter a residential property in Newham illegally to squat, this is a criminal offence.

It will result in an arrest and if found guilty you will be:

Be imprisoned in Newham to a maximum of 6 months

Charges up to £5,000

The authorities aren't going to arrest you in Greater London if you:

Are Squatting In Commercial Premises In Beckton, Canning Town, Or Custom House

Remaining on the property in Newham after the expiration of your license or tenancy

You have been deceived into thinking you were a tenant, for instance, if you have rented a property in Greater London from a fraudulent agent

You are gypsy or wanderer residing in area that is unauthorized in Newham

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Evicting Squatters Process In Greater London's Newham

You can be easily removed as a squatter in Newham if:

Police in Greater London are not showing an interest for arrestation

The owner of the property in Canning Town, Custom House, or Beckton finds no reason to report to the authority

They are staying in commercial premises in Newham

If the squatters have gone out, the owner of the property in Newham can change locks.

If you or another squatter in in the premise in Newham, the owner must usually get a Greater London court order if you refuse to vacate.

It is illegal for the owner of the premises to make threats or use violence.

Owners must serve you with form copy of possession claims through the letterbox or paste it on the front door minimum 5 days before the scheduled court hearing in Greater London, or 2 days for commercial places.

These must include a form of defence and information of the court hearing's location and time.

In case you are not a squatter in Newham, then you can challenge the owner's claim of property possession.

Then, be present at the court hearing in Newham and return the defence form to the court.

You will be ordered to quickly leave the property in Newham by the court in Greater London.

If you fail to move out, the Greater London court bailiffs will force you out once the owner reports you.

Homeless Help From The Council In Greater London's Newham

Basically, squatters in Canning Town, Beckton, or Custom House are regarded as homeless considering that they are not allowed to stay around.

You can apply as a homeless person at your local council in Newham for assistance.

The Greater London council should give you advice on finding somewhere to live in Newham if you are single ad homeless.

Specialist emergency services are also available in some areas in Greater London to avoid rough sleeping.

The Newham council provide emergency housing to those in priority need, such as having vulnerable children and being pregnant.

However, if you have immigration or residences restriction, the council will not offer long-term or emergency housing, for instance, either the status of your immigration indicates 'no recourse to public funds' or you're an asylum seeker in Canning Town, Custom House, or Beckton.

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