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Removal Of Squatters In Poole In Dorset

The authorities in Poole can arrest or evict you if you're squatting.

In Poole, Dorset, What Is Squatting?

The term squatting means occupying land or property in Poole without the consent of the tenant or the owner.

Squatting in Poole, Barrow Hill, or Lytchett Matravers is mostly a last resort for someone who is homeless.

It's not a long-term alternative for homeless persons and you'll most like be removed from Poole and probably arrested by the police.

You are not considered a squatter if you still live on land or property in Dorset once your tenancy or license has ended.

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When You Could Be Arrested In Poole, Dorset

Squatting in a private property in Poole without permission qualifies as criminal offense.

You may be arrested and be looking at:

Sent to prison in Poole for a maximum of six months

Levy you for up to £5,000

However, you won't be arrested in Dorset if you are:

Are Squatting In Commercial Buildings In Lytchett Matravers, Poole, Or Barrow Hill

You keep on staying within the rental premises in Poole upon expiry of tenancy or certificate

You got deceived by a fraud rental agent and you actually thought you are a tenant in the property in Dorset

Are a gypsy living on unauthorized ground in Poole

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How To Evict Squatters In Dorset's Poole

A squatter in Poole can be easily and quickly evicted if:

Dorset police don't carry out the arrest and leave you with a warning

The property holder in Lytchett Matravers, Poole, or Barrow Hill is reluctant to involve the police

You make a commercial premise your home in Poole

The Poole property owner may change the locks to the squatter's room(s) while the latter is away.

If in the property in Poole there is anyone present, if you refuse to leave the owner must get an order from the court in Dorset.

However, the usage of threats or being violent for evicting someone is not legalized.

The law requires that the owner must post a copy of their claim for possession forms by the letterbox or fix it to the front door and he must paste his claim a minimum of five days before the court hearing in Dorset for a residential building, or two days if it is a commercial building.

The forms must have a defence form and information about the venue and time of the court hearing.

You may challenge the landlord's case if you are not squatting in the property in Poole.

Simply, go to the court hearing in Poole and return the defence form.

If you are a squatter, you will be ordered by the court in Dorset to leave the land in Poole on the earliest basis.

If you choose to remain on the property, the landowner is required to enlist the help of Dorset court bailiffs to remove you from the property

Homelessness Assistance From The Council In Poole In Dorset

Squatters in Lytchett Matravers, Barrow Hill, or Poole are categorised as homeless individuals, as they don't have a place to live in.

You can seek for assistance as a homeless person from your local council in Poole.

If you are single and homeless you must be advised on finding someplace to stay in Poole by the Dorset council.

There are certain areas in Dorset with specialist services to provide emergency assistance to eliminate sleeping rough.

The council in Poole may have to provide you with emergency housing if you are pregnant, have children or are vulnerable.

The council cannot provide you with an emergency residence or long-term housing if you are under immigration or residence restrictions, e.g. If you are an asylum seeker in Lytchett Matravers, Poole, or Barrow Hill and you have no rights on the public funds.

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