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Squatter Eviction In Merseyside's Southport

You can easily be ejected and arrested if you are squatting in Southport.

What Is Squatting In Southport In Merseyside?

The term squatting means occupying land or property in Southport without the consent of the tenant or the owner.

Squatting is generally used as the final option by a homeless individual in Banks, Churchtown, or Southport.

Just bear in mind that you will be evicted and arrested for entering the premises in Southport.

You are not considered a squatter if, after your tenancy expires, you remain in the property in Merseyside.

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When You Could Be Arrested In Southport, Merseyside

It is considered a criminal offence in Southport to be squatting in a residential building.

So, you can get arrested and you may face:

Sentenced for 6 months in prison in Southport

Having to pay a fine up to £5,000

You may not be detained in Merseyside if:

Are Squatting In Commercial Premises In Southport, Banks, Or Churchtown

You keep on staying within the rental premises in Southport upon expiry of tenancy or certificate

Living on a property in Merseyside you think you genuinely rented but were deceived by a fraudulent agent who had no right to rent the place out to you

You are a traveller or nomad living on unauthorised land in Southport

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How To Evict Squatters In Merseyside's Southport

A squatter in Southport can be easily and quickly evicted if:

The police in Merseyside are not willing to arrest them

The owner of the property in Churchtown, Banks, or Southport does not feel the need to involve the police

You make a commercial premise your home in Southport

The owner in Southport can go to the property and change the locks while you are outside the premises.

If you or another squatter in in the premise in Southport, the owner must usually get a Merseyside court order if you refuse to vacate.

It is not legal for the property owner to issue threats or use violence to evict someone.

It is necessary or the owner to provide a squatter with a copy of possession claim form either through the letterbox or front door before the 5 days of the hearing in a court in Merseyside (2 days in case of evicting squatters from the commercial place).

Remember defence forms and court hearing date and time must be included in this copy.

But if you are not squatting in Southport, you must challenge the owner's case.

You can challenge this by giving back the defence form and attending the court hearing in Southport to provide your side to the story.

If you are a squatter, you will be ordered by the court in Merseyside to leave the land in Southport on the earliest basis.

If you are squatting a property otherwise you will be evicted by the bailiffs from the court in Merseyside.

How The Council Help The Homeless In Merseyside's Southport

Squatters in Banks, Churchtown, or Southport are referred to as homeless due to the fact that you are living in a place you do not have the rights.

Applying as a homeless person contacting your local council in Southport is the best thing you can do in this regard.

The Merseyside council will find alternative accommodation in Southport for you if homeless and single.

In some areas in Merseyside, special services may provide emergency help as an alternative to sleeping rough.

If you are in emergency need such as you are pregnant or have children with you, then the Southport council must serve you on a priority basis.

However, the council cannot offer long-term housing if residences or immigration restrictions apply to you, for example, you are an asylum seeker in Southport, Banks, or Churchtown or your immigration status is "No recourse to public funds".

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