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Eviction Of Squatters In Woking In Surrey

If you are squatting in Woking, you could be easily arrested and evicted.

What Is Squatting In Surrey's Woking?

Unlawful entry into a property in Woking and staying there without consent from the owner is called squatting.

If you're homeless, the squatting in Woking, Mayford, or Chobham isn't a long-term option for you.

Also, it shouldn't be taken as a long-term option if you are already homeless as squatters are liable to be evicted from Woking and arrested if need be.

You are not considered a squatter if you still live on land or property in Surrey once your tenancy or license has ended.

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What Leads To Arrest In Woking, Surrey

If you enter a residential property in Woking illegally to squat, this is a criminal offence.

You'd most probably be arrested and in case of a conviction, you can face:

Spend up to 6 months in prison in Woking

Pay a fine around £5,000

You should not be arrested in Surrey if you:

Squatting In A Commercial Property In Woking, Mayford, Or Chobham

Continued to live in a premise in Woking after your tenancy ended

Went into the Surrey property believing you were given tenancy over it - an example is if a hoax agency that had to right to rent, rented you the property

You are a traveller or gypsy encamping on an unauthorised site in Woking

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How Squatters Can Be Evicted In Woking, Surrey

As a Woking squatter, you may be removed from a property if:

Police in Surrey are not showing an interest for arrestation

The owner in Chobham, Woking, or Mayford is not involving police

You live in a commercial property in Woking

The landlord in Woking has the power to go into the property to change the locks whilst you are not there.

If there is a squatter inside the property in Woking, the landlord will have to first get a Surrey court order if there is anyone who has refused to vacate.

The owner cannot use violence to throw you out of the place because it is illegal.

The owner of the property is bound to deliver copy of documents with possession claim to the squatter through post or letterbox no less than five days before the proceedings of the court in Surrey or at least two days before in case of a commercialized property.

The forms should have the date and place of the court hearing and a defence form.

You will have to challenge the owner's claim if you are not a squatter in Woking.

Do this by returning the defence form and attending the court hearing in Woking.

If you are actually an unauthorised occupant, you may be compelled by court in Surrey to immediately move out of the Woking property.

If they don't leave, the owner can request bailiffs from the Surrey court to evict you.

Council's Assistance To The Homeless In Woking, Surrey

Squatters in Chobham, Mayford, or Woking are referred to as homeless due to the fact that you are living in a place you do not have the rights.

So, as a homeless individual, you can ask their local Council for help in Woking.

The Surrey council may assist you finding somewhere you can live in Woking if you aren't married and without a home.

In some cases, as an alternative to sleeping rough, specialized providers can provide emergency assistance in Surrey.

In case you are badly in need including having children around or expectant, the local authority in Woking can offer you emergency housing.

When visa or social restrictions apply to you, the authority does not have to have temporary or longer-term accommodation (e.g. if your status of immigration indicates you have' no use of public funds' or you are an asylum seeker in Woking, Chobham, or Mayford).

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