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Eviction Of Travellers In Kent's Ashford

With the continuing housing crisis in the UK there is also a shortage of authorized sites in Ashford for travellers to set up on.

The limited number of approved sites has enhanced the number of visitors in Ashford staying in unlicensed settings in Bagham, Acton, or Challock like car parks and playing fields.

According to the figures given by the government, a 17% rise has been witnessed in Ashford in the number of nomads on unauthorised land not owned by travellers from 2016-2017.

For plots of land in Kent that are socially rented, there was only a 2% increase seen between 2010 and 2017.

Traveller Eviction Alternatives In Ashford

Local authorities and landowners in Kent have two options when they need to remove travellers and repossess their lands in Acton, Bagham, or Challock.

Firstly, you can start eviction in Kent by use of common law.

Under common law, the Ashford land owners can use the reasonable force to evict the travellers from their Kent land as they have the rights to remove them from their property.

Common law evictions in Ashford are usually carried out by law enforcement officers.

The tourists are normally served with an order to move out of premise in Ashford within a span of 24 hours by Denbigh Franks enforcement agents.

If the traveller does not comply to this notice and leave the location in Acton, Challock, or Bagham, the agents from Denbigh Franks will forcefully remove the traveller, with or without the help of the police.

To use common law eviction in Kent has many benefits.

The speed of eviction in Ashford is the most important advantage here.

Mostly, the general eviction law is carried out within 24 hours and this implies that there will be very few damages to land or property in Ashford and reduced chances for trash damping.

Secondly, the local governments and landowners in Kent can opt to get a writ of possession.

In this process, you'd have to get the order of possession in Ashford to evict the travellers under writ of possession.

When you're dealing with squatters and travellers in Acton, Bagham, or Challock, you should make the order of ownership against "persons unknown".

The claimant can transfer the order to the High Court once they have obtained the order for possession in Ashford and the Denbigh Franks high court enforcement officer will then use the authority to evict the travellers.

The benefit of transferring up the writ of possessions to the High Court in Kent is that the High Court Officer from Denbigh Franks decides the right way to enforce the order.

This benefit is more pronounced with dealing with Ashford travellers since it doesn't give them enough time to spring surprises or vandalize your property and it also comes in handy if you expect some degree of resistance in Kent.

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Long Term Preventative Measures In Ashford

You don't want to spend more money and time in the process of evicting travellers from your property in Challock, Acton, or Bagham, so for land owners and local authorities in Kent, there are options available to find long term measures.

Building gates and fences around the land and erecting a big billboard at the property entries are excellent measures to avoiding the entry of illegal or unapproved persons in your property in Ashford.

Another great way of securing an area of land in Ashford from unauthorized persons is to use embankments, trenches, and earth bunds.

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