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Evicting Travellers In Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

It's quite unfortunate that UK residents must deal with a shortage of authorized sites for travellers in Aylesbury in addition to the housing crisis in the country.

As a result, an increasing number of travellers in Aylesbury are setting up unauthorized encampments such as playing fields and car parks in Aston Clinton, Aylesbury, or Wendover.

According to statistical records, from 2016-2017, the number of caravans in Aylesbury on illegal grounds and lands which do not belong to travellers has increased by 17%.

And the number of socially rented plots in Buckinghamshire has dramatically reduced from 2010 to 2017.

Travellers Eviction Options In Aylesbury

Buckinghamshire landowners and local authorities have two ways to reclaim land ownership and expel visitors in Aylesbury, Wendover, or Aston Clinton.

The first option is to evict them in Buckinghamshire using the law.

This law allows landowners in Aylesbury the authority to make travellers leave their property in Buckinghamshire, and may even employ the use of force to do so.

Common law evictions in Aylesbury are usually carried out by law enforcement officers.

The enforcement agents from Denbigh Franks will serve 24hrs notice to the travellers to vacate the site in Aylesbury.

If the traveller remains on the property in Aston Clinton, Aylesbury, or Wendover at the expiration of the 24 hours, the Denbigh Franks agents are permitted by the law to remove them, using the police force if necessary.

The common rule on eviction in Buckinghamshire comes with a number of benefits.

The greatest benefit is the speed of the Aylesbury eviction.

In most cases, an eviction using common law can be done in 24 hours, which means they have little or no time to cause damages to the property or land in Aylesbury and the risk of fly-tipping is reduced.

Buckinghamshire land owners and local authorities can also obtain a writ of possession if you don't want to use the common law.

To take advantage of this provision in Aylesbury, you are required to first obtain an order of possession.

This can be served to an "unknown" when the possession order is for travellers or squatters in Aston Clinton, Wendover, or Aylesbury.

Once you are awarded the order for possession in Aylesbury, you can transfer it to the High Court, there, the High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO) of Denbigh Franks has the prerogative to enforce the order.

The main advantage of using a writ of possession and then moving it up to the Buckinghamshire High Court is that a notice need not to be given, however, the Denbigh Franks enforcement officer from the High Court may decide whether to give notice or not.

This benefit is more pronounced with dealing with Aylesbury travellers since it doesn't give them enough time to spring surprises or vandalize your property and it also comes in handy if you expect some degree of resistance in Buckinghamshire.

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Long Term Procedures For Prevention In Aylesbury

If you can prevent situations like this from happening, that is preferable than dealing with evictions in Aston Clinton, Aylesbury, or Wendover, as doing such will not only take your time but it will cost you a lot as well, and you and the authorities in Buckinghamshire should consider these factors and prevent unwanted situations from happening.

The best way to stop the unauthorized persons from entering land in Aylesbury is to put fences and gates around the land and you can also prevent unauthorized access by installing large bollards at entrances.

Embankments, earth bunds and trenches can also be used to secure the land in Aylesbury from unwanted visitors.

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