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Eviction Of Travellers In Lancashire's Burnley

In Burnley, there's a shortage of authorised sites for travellers because of the housing crisis in the UK.

The limited number of approved sites has enhanced the number of visitors in Burnley staying in unlicensed settings in Cliviger, Brownside, or Dunnockshaw like car parks and playing fields.

According to some government statistics, between 2016 and 2017, there was 17% increase in the number of caravans set up by travellers in Burnley on unauthorized plots of lands across the country.

That is to degrade government's efforts at ensuring socially rented plots in Lancashire, which now grows at a meagre 2% between 2010 and 2017.

Options In Burnley For Evicting Travellers

In order to evict the travellers and get the possession of land back in Cliviger, Dunnockshaw, or Brownside, landowners and local authorities in Lancashire have 2 options.

The first alternative is to evict travellers in Lancashire by making use of common law.

Common law states that landowners in Burnley have the jurisdiction to remove travellers from their piece of land in Lancashire and they can use some reasonable force if necessary.

Evictions under the common law in Burnley are normally done by enforcement officers.

The notice of 24hrs is given to the travellers to vacate the place in Burnley and the notice is served by the Denbigh Franks enforcement agents.

If the site in Brownside, Cliviger, or Dunnockshaw is not vacated after the 24-hour period, the Denbigh Franks enforcement agents will return to remove any remaining travellers with the equipment, and possibly police if necessary.

The common rule on eviction in Lancashire comes with a number of benefits.

The biggest is the speed at which the eviction in Burnley takes place.

In most cases, common law eviction is undertaken within a 24-hour period and this means that less damage is done to the property or land in Burnley and there are little chances for dumping trash.

For landlords and local authorities in Lancashire, the other choice is to seek an ownership note.

The first step when evicting under writ of possession in Burnley is obtaining an order of possession.

The possession order is usually made against "Persons Unknown" when referring to either squatters or travellers in Cliviger, Dunnockshaw, or Brownside.

Next, in Burnley the order would be transferred to the High Court from where it would be enforced by a High Court Enforcement Office (HCEO) from Denbigh Franks.

For this reason, employing a writ of possession to evict travellers in Lancashire is preferred over other methods, and when doing so, the Denbigh Franks enforcement officer decides whether or not to issue a notice according to the situation at hand.

This procedure is beneficial when dealing with travellers in Burnley as it will prevent damage to property, resistance to eviction, or looting the property due to the factor of unexpectedness in Lancashire.

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Long Term Measures For Prevention In Burnley

You don't want to spend more money and time in the process of evicting travellers from your property in Dunnockshaw, Brownside, or Cliviger, so for land owners and local authorities in Lancashire, there are options available to find long term measures.

Landowners in Burnley can erect fences and gates around their land and put in place huge bollards at the entrances, and doing so will greatly help in preventing authorized individuals from entering a piece of land.

In addition, you can dig trenches, build embankments or plant earth buds which can also play an important role in safeguarding your Burnley land from unauthorised travellers.

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