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Eviction Of Travellers In Essex's Chelmsford

It's quite unfortunate that UK residents must deal with a shortage of authorized sites for travellers in Chelmsford in addition to the housing crisis in the country.

The limited number of approved sites has enhanced the number of visitors in Chelmsford staying in unlicensed settings in Chalk End, Battlesbridge, or Danbury like car parks and playing fields.

Moreover, government data illustrates that there has been a 17% increase in the number of caravans on unapproved places in Chelmsford.

In contrast, from 2010 to 2017, there has been a mere 2% rise in the number of socially leased land in Essex.

Other Ways To Evict Travellers In Chelmsford

There exist two options for property owners and local authority in Essex in case they want to eject tourists and regain their land ownership in Chalk End, Battlesbridge, or Danbury.

The first option is to evict them in Essex using the law.

It implies that landowners in Chelmsford reserve the right to remove travellers from their lands in Essex, and using some reasonable force if need be.

Common law evictions in Chelmsford are usually carried out by law enforcement officers.

The Denbigh Franks enforcement officers will serve a notice that gives the travellers 1 day to leave the Chelmsford site.

If after 24-hour, the travellers did not leave the site in Battlesbridge, Chalk End, or Danbury, then the Denbigh Franks enforcement agents will return with police to remove any travellers who remain.

The common law eviction in Essex can save you from a lot of problems.

The biggest is the speed at which the eviction in Chelmsford takes place.

With a common law eviction, travellers can be removed from the property in Chelmsford in a period of 24 hours which results in less destruction of property and fly-tipping.

For landlords and local authorities in Essex, the other choice is to seek an ownership note.

Under a writ of possession, the first step is to get an order of ownership in Chelmsford.

Order of possession is made out to persons unknown against the travellers or squatters in Battlesbridge, Chalk End, or Danbury.

Once the order for possession has been conferred in Chelmsford, the claimant can then transfer it to the High Court and then enforced by the HCEO (High Court Enforcement Officer) from Denbigh Franks.

The key advantage of using a writ of possession in Essex which is transferred to the High Court is that serving a notice is not required and the Denbigh Franks HCEO takes the decision, as determined by the situation.

When having to deal with Chelmsford travellers, this can be crucial as the surprise will remove opportunity to steal from the premise, vandalise property or this can combat expected resistance in Essex.

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Long Term Actions For Avoidance In Chelmsford

Avoiding the occurrence of these types of situations in the first instance is always better than dealing with eviction in Battlesbridge, Chalk End, or Danbury and the possible money, time and effort involved, so there are many things local authorities and property owners in Essex can do to avoid the occurrence of these situations.

You need to take immediate steps to forestall these from happening in the first place, so the first thing you can do is to put fences and gates around the land in Chelmsford to discourage third parties from going on.

Moreover, embankments, earth bunds, and trenches are a great way of keeping the security of land in Chelmsford from uninvited visitors.

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