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Eviction Of Travellers In West Midlands's Coventry

Housing issues in the UK are not hidden from us and along with other problems, authorised sites for the travellers in Coventry is also the one.

As a result, an increasing number of travellers in Coventry are setting up unauthorized encampments such as playing fields and car parks in Willenhall, Coventry, or Stoke.

According to some government statistics, between 2016 and 2017, there was 17% increase in the number of caravans set up by travellers in Coventry on unauthorized plots of lands across the country.

Between 2010 and 2017 there was just a two percent rise in socially rented places in West Midlands.

Traveller Eviction Options In Coventry

There are two alternatives for local authorities and landowners in West Midlands if they wish to evict travellers and get back possession of the land in Stoke, Coventry, or Willenhall.

One way is to use the common law in West Midlands.

The common law allows landowners in Coventry to evict travellers from their West Midlands property and can use reasonable force if necessary.

Enforce agents are on the ground to assist you in Coventry with this type of eviction.

The notice of 24hrs is given to the travellers to vacate the place in Coventry and the notice is served by the Denbigh Franks enforcement agents.

If the traveller remains on the property in Willenhall, Coventry, or Stoke at the expiration of the 24 hours, the Denbigh Franks agents are permitted by the law to remove them, using the police force if necessary.

The use of common law has many benefits in West Midlands.

One of which is the speedy removal of the Coventry traveller from the premises.

In most instances, the travellers are evicted within 24 hours, which as a result reduces chances of damage to the property in Coventry and tackles fly-tipping.

Secondly, landowners and local authority in West Midlands should be ready to receive possession summons.

Under a writ of possession, the first step is to get an order of ownership in Coventry.

The order of possession is made against the "persons unknown" while dealing with travellers or intruders in Stoke, Coventry, or Willenhall.

Once the possession order has been served in Coventry to the High Court the claimant can then transfer it to be enforced by a Denbigh Franks (HCEO) High Court Enforcement Officer.

The key advantage of using a writ of possession in West Midlands which is transferred to the High Court is that serving a notice is not required and the Denbigh Franks HCEO takes the decision, as determined by the situation.

This benefit is more pronounced with dealing with Coventry travellers since it doesn't give them enough time to spring surprises or vandalize your property and it also comes in handy if you expect some degree of resistance in West Midlands.

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Prevention In Coventry By Long Term Measures

Preventing such situations from occurring in the first place is always preferable to dealing with an eviction in Coventry, Stoke, or Willenhall, and the potential time and money involved, so there are several things that West Midlands landowners and local authorities can do to prevent these situations from occurring.

Having fencing and gates around the field and having large bollards at thresholds is a perfect way to stop unwanted people from entering the property in Coventry.

Additionally, earth bunds, embankments and trenches can also be built to act as obstacles to entering the land in Coventry unauthorized.

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