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Eviction Of Travellers In Essex's Harlow

It's quite unfortunate that UK residents must deal with a shortage of authorized sites for travellers in Harlow in addition to the housing crisis in the country.

Therefore, a number of travellers in Harlow are using the unauthorized encampments in Harlow, Sawbridgeworth, or Epping like playing fields and car parks.

Government data indicates that there has been a 17% increase in the number of caravans on unauthorized plots and land not owned by travellers in Harlow from 2016-2017.

And the number of socially rented plots in Essex has dramatically reduced from 2010 to 2017.

Options For Eviction Of Travellers In Harlow

Property owners and local authorities in Essex have 2 options when looking to repossess land and evict travellers in Sawbridgeworth, Epping, or Harlow.

The first option is to use the common law for their eviction in Essex.

Under common law, the Harlow land owners can use the reasonable force to evict the travellers from their Essex land as they have the rights to remove them from their property.

Traveller evictions under the common rule in Harlow are normally done by the law enforcement representatives.

It is important to understand that evictions under law are accomplished by Denbigh Franks enforcement officers who will provide the travellers with a notice that gives them 24 hours to leave the Harlow property.

If the traveller does not comply to this notice and leave the location in Harlow, Sawbridgeworth, or Epping, the agents from Denbigh Franks will forcefully remove the traveller, with or without the help of the police.

Eviction by common law in Essex comes with certain benefits.

The biggest is the speed at which the eviction in Harlow takes place.

In addition, the speed at which the eviction in Harlow is carried out helps to reduce the travellers' tendencies of causing damage to the property.

The other choice for local authorities and landowners in Essex is to get a writ of possession.

Getting an order of possession is the first step to evicting in Harlow under a writ of possession.

The order of possession is made against unknown persons when you're dealing with squatters and travellers in Harlow, Sawbridgeworth, or Epping.

Once the order for possession has been conferred in Harlow, the claimant can then transfer it to the High Court and then enforced by the HCEO (High Court Enforcement Officer) from Denbigh Franks.

One of the biggest benefits you can enjoy from transferring a writ of possession in Essex to the High Court is that giving a notice is not mandatory and that decision is left to the Denbigh Franks HCEO exclusively.

This technique is advantageous to property owners considering that the squatters or travellers in Harlow are found off balance and it reduces their chances of resisting evacuation, damaging property or thieving in Essex.

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Long Term Measures For Prevention In Harlow

Avoiding the occurrence of these types of situations in the first instance is always better than dealing with eviction in Harlow, Epping, or Sawbridgeworth and the possible money, time and effort involved, so there are many things local authorities and property owners in Essex can do to avoid the occurrence of these situations.

Erecting fences and gates around the land and putting huge bollards at entrances are good ways of stopping unauthorized persons from accessing the property in Harlow.

Another great way to secure an area of land from travellers in Harlow is to put embankments, earth bunds and trenches.

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