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Evicting Travellers In Herefordshire, Herefordshire

Along with the residence crisis in the UK, there aren't many authorized camping grounds for travellers in Herefordshire.

Therefore, a number of travellers in Herefordshire are using the unauthorized encampments in Worcester, Droitwich, or Hereford like playing fields and car parks.

Looking at the government figures, between 2016 and 2017, a 17% increment in the total number of Herefordshire travellers on unlicensed sections not managed by travellers was realised.

And the number of socially rented plots in Herefordshire has dramatically reduced from 2010 to 2017.

Traveller Eviction Alternatives In Herefordshire

Herefordshire landowners and local authorities have two ways to reclaim land ownership and expel visitors in Worcester, Hereford, or Droitwich.

The first way is using the common law to remove travellers in Herefordshire.

Under common law, the Herefordshire land owners can use the reasonable force to evict the travellers from their Herefordshire land as they have the rights to remove them from their property.

Usually, the process of common law evictions in Herefordshire is carried out by the enforcement agents.

A notice is issued by Denbigh Franks enforcement agents to the travellers to vacate the unauthorized area in Herefordshire within a day.

In case a traveller declines to vacate the premise in Hereford, Worcester, or Droitwich within the agreed time of 24 hours, Denbigh Franks enforcers may return with their tools and possibly accompanied by police if necessary to evict the available traveller forcefully.

Using the common law in Herefordshire offers tons of benefits.

The main one being the speedy manner a tourist is evicted in Herefordshire.

Usually, the eviction takes place within 24 hours, and thus, any damage to the property in Herefordshire is less than what it would have been in a longer period of time.

Another option for both local authorities and landowners in Herefordshire is to get the writ of possession.

To get an 'order of possession' is the first step towards eviction in Herefordshire under possession writ.

The order of possession is made against unknown persons when you're dealing with squatters and travellers in Worcester, Droitwich, or Hereford.

As soon as you have been awarded the possession order in Herefordshire, you are required to present it to the High Court so that the order can be carried out by Denbigh Franks's High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO).

For this reason, employing a writ of possession to evict travellers in Herefordshire is preferred over other methods, and when doing so, the Denbigh Franks enforcement officer decides whether or not to issue a notice according to the situation at hand.

It's advantageous when dealing with travellers in Herefordshire as it takes away any opportunity to steal from the property or damage the property when resistance to the eviction is expected in Herefordshire.

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Long Term Actions For Avoidance In Herefordshire

While dealing with an eviction in Hereford, Droitwich, or Worcester, preventing such situations from happening is preferred always as it is very time consuming and a lot of money is required to follow the procedures accurately, so, there are many options available for the landowners and the authorities in Herefordshire to do in order to seek long term measures.

Landowners in Herefordshire can erect fences and gates around their land and put in place huge bollards at the entrances, and doing so will greatly help in preventing authorized individuals from entering a piece of land.

Another great way of securing an area of land in Herefordshire from unauthorized persons is to use embankments, trenches, and earth bunds.

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