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How Can Traveller Evictions Happen On Council Land In London, Greater London

How can councils evict travellers from council land in London?

Evicting unauthorised traveller camps in Hackney, Kensington and Chelsea, or Islington can take time and can be an annoying process.

To eliminate illicit traveller camps in London, the council must attain a court order.

Yet it isn't as easy as that; there are several rules and cases to assess before the eviction in Greater London can hold.

The problem can be double for landowners of private land in London, as it is not the government's duty to aid in the eviction strategy in Greater London.

The government in Greater London can, nevertheless, force London landowners of private land to remove travellers unlawfully camped on their land.

Where travellers in London cannot park?

Obviously, travellers from Hackney, Kensington and Chelsea, or Islington cannot set up camp on any land in London they have not been approved to.

It's offensive to park:

On a road or verge or in a layby in London in a way that blocks or could be a risk to other users of the road

Cultivated land such as plantation land in Greater London

In enclosed farms in London such as property owned by the Forestry Commission

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What about council land in Greater London's London?

Some administrations may have regions of refuse ground in Hackney, Kensington and Chelsea, or Islington that can be adopted for a short period by travellers as unauthorised areas.

If they are situated on land in London that belongs to the council, an agent will visit the area and will examine whether they should be driven away or not.

A Greater London council agent will have to evaluate how long they are hoping to stay in London, and if anyone is sick, aged or pregnant - it could be hazardous to move them - and any safety-related cases affecting the site, for instance, if they camp by a railroad line.

The Greater London council also has to assess if the amount of vehicles is suitable for the size of the area in London, what the area is commonly used for and whether it's required soon, any likely harm to the land and the consequence on the local community.

What the council must do in London while travellers are there?

The government may donate structures in London such as portable toilets and bin bags for trash for the travellers from Hackney, Kensington and Chelsea, or Islington, and they would be charged a small payment.

Travellers can implore the government to deliver these facilities in London in the concerns of public health.

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What comes up next?

Local councils in Greater London must apply for injunctions and court orders.

The council must first reveal that the travellers are on the land in London without permission.

Eviction time in London will rely on when a court hearing date can be attained.

In many examples, nevertheless, a vacating date will be decided with the travellers in Hackney, Kensington and Chelsea, or Islington to avoid eviction in Greater London.

What about the police in London, Greater London?

The landowner or council in London can call the police if a traveller site in Greater London is trespassing and they can be instantly banished from the site if there are two or more people, they have six or more automobiles parked on the land or one of them has inflicted harm or acted in a threatening or offensive attitude.

The police will implore a traveller encampment in London to ride on as soon as it's logical for you to do so.

They should be given adequate time to pack up the area in Hackney, Islington, or Kensington and Chelsea and mend any broken-down automobiles.

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What if they don't move from London?

If the travellers refuse to leave London in the time provided or go back to the same area in Greater London within three months, it is an illicit offence.

This can result in a fine or jail sentence if they're found guilty.

The cops also have the freedom to tow away automobiles in London, which will then be demolished if not claimed within 21 days.

What you can do if you are anxious about an encampment of travellers in London, Greater London that is unauthorised?

You should call your local council in Greater London and notify them so they can run their inspections for the well-being of the travellers and the consequences on the local area and community in London.

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