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How To Get Travellers To Leave London, Greater London

Does the government have a task to drive Gypsies or Travellers when they are camped without the landowner's approval in London?


If Gypsies or Travellers are camped on government-possessed land in Hackney, Kensington and Chelsea, or Islington, the government can eject them, but if the encampment is on someone else land in Greater London, it is always the landowner's duty.

What do I do if Travellers or Gypsies come to my land in London?

The first step to take is to discuss with them to make it clear that this is precisely your land.

Inquire why they are there, and how long they are planning to stay in London in Greater London.

Examine if they are causing a nuisance in London.

If the encampment has reached the highway or spread onto the right of way in London, you may contact the County Council in Greater London.

It is a reasonable opinion to notify your lawyer of the problem and to inquire about possible legal fees.

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What if the Travellers or Gypsies in London won't talk to me?

Most Traveller and Gypsy households in Greater London receive the chance to speak to different members of the community.

Have it in mind that they encounter a bunch of discrimination and intolerance and may be careful at first about speaking plainly.

If you realize negotiations are not getting on well, stop the conversation for the time being, and pursue guidance from Denbigh Franks.

If there aren't any troubles, is it ok to let them remain in London, Greater London?

Several landowners in Hackney, Kensington and Chelsea, or Islington are glad to allow small groups to remain where nice interactions are founded timely and there are no critical crises.

Some allow the contribution Traveller and Gypsy culture brings to trade and community life - even if almost for a little period in London.

The long-term occupation in Greater London will need scheduling approval from the City Council.

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What if I need to restore ownership of my land in London, Greater London?

Your lawyer will most probably recommend that ownership be explored in the civil courts in London under Part 55 of the Civil Procedure Rules.

This includes:

Imploring trespassers to abandon the London land (landowner's duty)

Handing out and serving a Greater London court warrant

Pursuing an ownership order in court in London

Performing the ownership order in Greater London, if mandatory

Executing a possession warrant with bailiffs of the county court from Denbigh Franks

Usually, once an order is performed in London, Travellers and Gypsies will leave unaided.

You can hire private bailiffs from Denbigh Franks to wipe out unauthorised dwellers in London without an ownership order in some circumstances.

Please put it in mind that when proceedings are attempted in the Greater London county court under the Civil Procedure Rules 1998 to achieve a court order for eviction in London, there must be at least two bright days between the service of documents and the court hearing.

What will be my expenses regarding this?

Your lawyer in London will indict their own charges, so examine fees first.

Expunging of rubbish will be at your own expense in Hackney, Kensington and Chelsea, or Islington, but Denbigh Franks can give you a quotation for the work if you want.

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What can the police do in London?

The police will attend to all areas in London made known to them, but trespass is an offence considered civil and not an illicit offence.

Trespass prevention and the discarding of trespassers are the duties of the landowner in Greater London and not the police.

The Greater London police assess each incident of unauthorised camping in London carefully and, under the Department for Communities and Local Government and Home Office procedures, act proportionately.

The police can move Travellers or Gypsies off land in Hackney, Kensington and Chelsea, or Islington where unlawful action by them can be ascertained - just as fraud imposed by settled people must be verified.

The police also have authorities that are discretionary to remove Travellers off an area in London where behaviour of the group goes against the 1994 Act of Criminal Justice and Public Order.

In specific situations in London (for instance, where the Travellers/Gypsies keep with them six or more vehicles), Greater London cops may utilize authority under Section 61 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994.

These authorities will only be utilized in cases of a major crime or public disturbance in London not worthy of being addressed by the usual criminal constitution and in which the trespassory occupation of the land is an applicable aspect.

The Greater London police are bound by the Human Rights Act and may be restricted to prevent utilizing Section 61 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 in situations where it would prevent welfare deliberations from being applied by the civil courts in Hackney, Kensington and Chelsea, or Islington.

If the London landowner fails to take the applicable procedure to evacuate the Travellers or Gypsies, what will the government in Greater London do?

If the landowner in London violates any planning or licence regulations, then we will take proceedings against the owner of the land that impose eviction of the encampment that is unauthorised in Greater London.

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