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Traveller Eviction In Lincoln In Lincolnshire

Due to the housing critical situation in the UK, there has been an increase in the number of unauthorised traveller encampments in Lincoln.

Due to this, the increased numbers of caravans packed on unauthorized land in Lincoln such as playing fields, and car parks has been observed in Maltby, Lincoln, or Rothwell.

According to statistical records, from 2016-2017, the number of caravans in Lincoln on illegal grounds and lands which do not belong to travellers has increased by 17%.

On the other hand there was only a 2% rise in socially rented plots in Lincolnshire between 2010 to 2017.

Options In Lincoln For Evicting Travellers

Local authorities and landlords in Lincolnshire who want to take possession of their property and remove travellers have two available options in Lincoln, Maltby, or Rothwell.

One way is to use the common law in Lincolnshire.

Under the common law, land owners in Lincoln are within their rights to evict travellers from their Lincolnshire land and permission to apply reasonable force if need be.

Such Evictions in Lincoln are conducted by enforcement agents.

The enforcement agents from Denbigh Franks will serve 24hrs notice to the travellers to vacate the site in Lincoln.

If the 24-hour grace expires and the travellers remain on the property in Lincoln, Maltby, or Rothwell, Denbigh Franks enforcement agents will visit the property with the necessary equipment (including the police if required) to evict any traveller found on the land.

Using the common law in Lincolnshire offers tons of benefits.

The largest benefit is the speed at which the eviction in Lincoln can be done.

In a lot of instances eviction carried out under the common law can be carried out within one day, amplifying there is less time for possible damage to the land or property in Lincoln and therefore reducing fly tipping chances.

The second option for local authorities and landowners in Lincolnshire is to get a writ of possession.

The first step when evicting under writ of possession in Lincoln is obtaining an order of possession.

The order of possession is made against unknown persons when you're dealing with squatters and travellers in Lincoln, Maltby, or Rothwell.

Once the landowner in Lincoln has received the order of possession, it is then transferred to the High Court where a Denbigh Franks enforcement officer from the High Court will implement it.

For this reason, employing a writ of possession to evict travellers in Lincolnshire is preferred over other methods, and when doing so, the Denbigh Franks enforcement officer decides whether or not to issue a notice according to the situation at hand.

This technique is advantageous to property owners considering that the squatters or travellers in Lincoln are found off balance and it reduces their chances of resisting evacuation, damaging property or thieving in Lincolnshire.

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Long Term Preventative Measures In Lincoln

It is recommended to prevent such kinds of scenarios from occurring since a lot of time and money is wasted when evicting a traveller from your land in Rothwell, Lincoln, or Maltby, and there are several things that the local authorities and landowners in Lincolnshire can do to avoid such circumstances from happening.

Landowners in Lincoln can erect fences and gates around their land and put in place huge bollards at the entrances, and doing so will greatly help in preventing authorized individuals from entering a piece of land.

In addition, trenches, earth bunds and embankments can also help in preventing unwanted visitors from entering your land in Lincoln.

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