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Evicting Travellers In North Yorkshire, North Yorkshire

Due to the housing critical situation in the UK, there has been an increase in the number of unauthorised traveller encampments in North Yorkshire.

The limited authorised camping sites in North Yorkshire have contributed to a high rise of travellers camping on unauthorised spaces in Scarborough, Eston and South Bank, or Harrogate including playgrounds and parking lots.

According to the Government's statistics, the number of caravans in North Yorkshire on unauthorized plots has increased by 17% from 2016-17.

While between 2010 and 2017 there was an increase of 2 percent in plots that are socially rented in North Yorkshire.

Traveller Eviction Alternatives In North Yorkshire

When it comes to regaining possession of land and evicting travellers in Harrogate, Eston and South Bank, or Scarborough, the North Yorkshire land owners and local authorities can use two options.

The first option is to use the common law to evict them in North Yorkshire.

Under the common law, North Yorkshire landowners are allowed to use the authority if required and evict travellers from their land in North Yorkshire rightfully and lawfully.

This eviction of travellers in North Yorkshire is often done by enforcements agents.

The travellers are usually given the 24 hours to vacate the site in North Yorkshire by Denbigh Franks enforcement agents.

If the traveller does not comply to this notice and leave the location in Harrogate, Eston and South Bank, or Scarborough, the agents from Denbigh Franks will forcefully remove the traveller, with or without the help of the police.

There are numerous benefits to using common law eviction in North Yorkshire.

The most significant benefit is the speed at which the removal in North Yorkshire can be affected.

In most cases, it takes less than 24 hours to carry out the eviction in North Yorkshire, so, the traveller has less time to damage your property or the land as well as reduce the chances of illegal dumping of wastes on the property.

The second option is to Obtain a Write of Possession for local authorities and land owners in North Yorkshire.

To get an 'order of possession' is the first step towards eviction in North Yorkshire under possession writ.

The warrant of ownership is rendered against'' persons unknown'' in interacting with travellers and squatters in Harrogate, Scarborough, or Eston and South Bank.

Once the possession order has been served in North Yorkshire to the High Court the claimant can then transfer it to be enforced by a Denbigh Franks (HCEO) High Court Enforcement Officer.

The most significant benefit to using a writ of possessions in North Yorkshire is that it does not require given notice, as the HCEO from Denbigh Franks will determine whether to do so.

Thus, you won't have to worry about travellers in North Yorkshire damaging your property or stealing from your property as you don't have any idea of how they would respond to the eviction in North Yorkshire.

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Lasting Solutions For North Yorkshire Eviction Prevention

A considerable amount of money and time are invested when trying to remove a traveller from a property in Harrogate, Eston and South Bank, or Scarborough, and this is why it is always better to prevent it from happening at all, so to do so, there are certain things that North Yorkshire land owners and local authorities could do.

A great way of preventing unauthorised persons from entering your land in North Yorkshire is to put gates and fences around the property and having big bollards at entrances.

Also, trenches, earth bunds, and embankments are excellent ways of protecting your property in North Yorkshire from unwelcome guests.

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