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Eviction Of Travellers In Greater London's Redbridge

Because of the UK housing crisis, there has been a dramatic increase in the numbers of unauthorized encampments - a move that is bolstered by the shortage of authorized sites in Redbridge for campers.

As a result, an increasing number of travellers in Redbridge are setting up unauthorized encampments such as playing fields and car parks in Chigwell Row, Chigwell, or Barkingside.

According to statistical records, from 2016-2017, the number of caravans in Redbridge on illegal grounds and lands which do not belong to travellers has increased by 17%.

Whereas only 2% increase in socially rented plots in Greater London was observed during the time frame of 2010 and 2017.

Alternatives In Redbridge For Travellers Eviction

There are two ways to remove travellers from unauthorized grounds in Chigwell, Chigwell Row, or Barkingside if you are a land owner or local government in Greater London.

Foremost, you will need to apply the general law in order to evict Greater London travellers.

Standard law says that Redbridge property owners have the authority to evict tourists from their land in Greater London and may be require to use a certain degree of force if need be.

This kind of action is generally carried out in Redbridge by the enforcement agent.

The Denbigh Franks enforcement officers will serve a notice that gives the travellers 1 day to leave the Redbridge site.

If a traveller fails to leave the site in Barkingside, Chigwell, or Chigwell Row after 24 hours, the Denbigh Franks enforcement agents will come back with their equipment and probably with police if need be to forcefully evict any traveller still present.

The common rule on eviction in Greater London comes with a number of benefits.

Out of all the benefits of using common law, the biggest one is that the process in Redbridge gets speed up.

Eviction within 24 hours is seen in many cases under this law that ultimately reduce the chances of fly-tipping and it also means that the site in Redbridge will be less damaged.

The other choice for local authorities and landowners in Greater London is to get a writ of possession.

Under the writ of possession, the first step in Redbridge is to obtain an order of possession.

An order of possession is typically given to a "Persons Unknown" when talking about travellers or squatters in Chigwell Row, Chigwell, or Barkingside.

Once the order for possession has been conferred in Redbridge, the claimant can then transfer it to the High Court and then enforced by the HCEO (High Court Enforcement Officer) from Denbigh Franks.

The major benefit of utilising an ownership writ and later transferring it to Greater London High Court includes an order being considered unnecessary, but, Denbigh Franks High Court enforcement personnel may choose if to serve an order or not depending on the existing circumstances.

This is specifically important when dealing with travellers in Redbridge as the surprise aspect takes away any chance to vandalize property, steal from the premise, or for when there is expected resistance in Greater London.

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Long Term Tactics For Preventing In Redbridge

It takes a lot of time and money to deal with the travellers who have illegally come to your property in Chigwell, Chigwell Row, or Barkingside, so, the best thing you can do is to prevent these kinds of situations from happening in the first place, and the Greater London land owners and local authorities can do a number of things to prevent these issues from arising.

In order to stop the unauthorized persons from entering your land in Redbridge, fences and gates on the premises and bollards at entrances are very good options.

Also, trenches, earth bunds, and embankments are excellent ways of protecting your property in Redbridge from unwelcome guests.

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