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Eviction Of Travellers In Cheshire's Runcorn

It's quite unfortunate that UK residents must deal with a shortage of authorized sites for travellers in Runcorn in addition to the housing crisis in the country.

Therefore, a number of travellers in Runcorn are using the unauthorized encampments in Frodsham, Appleton Thorn, or Helsby like playing fields and car parks.

Government data indicates that there has been a 17% increase in the number of caravans on unauthorized plots and land not owned by travellers in Runcorn from 2016-2017.

Between 2010 and 2017 there was just a two percent rise in socially rented places in Cheshire.

Options For Travellers Removal In Runcorn

Local authorities and landowners in Cheshire that are looking to regain the possession of their land and evict travellers in Frodsham, Helsby, or Appleton Thorn have two options.

First of all, you can vacate them using the common law in Cheshire.

This law allows landowners in Runcorn the authority to make travellers leave their property in Cheshire, and may even employ the use of force to do so.

Agents of enforcement will usually conduct common law evictions in Runcorn.

The notice of 24hrs is given to the travellers to vacate the place in Runcorn and the notice is served by the Denbigh Franks enforcement agents.

If the traveller remains on the property in Appleton Thorn, Frodsham, or Helsby at the expiration of the 24 hours, the Denbigh Franks agents are permitted by the law to remove them, using the police force if necessary.

The common rule on eviction in Cheshire comes with a number of benefits.

The biggest is the speed at which the eviction in Runcorn takes place.

In a lot of instances eviction carried out under the common law can be carried out within one day, amplifying there is less time for possible damage to the land or property in Runcorn and therefore reducing fly tipping chances.

Secondly, landowners and local authority in Cheshire should be ready to receive possession summons.

In this case, the first thing to do is to get an order of possession in Runcorn.

The possession order is made against unknown persons while dealing with travellers and squatters in Helsby, Appleton Thorn, or Frodsham.

When the order of possession arrives in Runcorn, it is taken to the High Court in order to be implemented by the high court enforcement officer from Denbigh Franks.

To transfer the order to High Court in Cheshire has a major benefit that you don't have to serve the notice however, HCEO from Denbigh Franks will decide by analysing the current scenario.

This method is beneficial to landowners because the Runcorn travellers or squatters are caught off guard and it minimizes the chances for resisting to vacate, stealing or destroying the property in Cheshire.

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Long Term Prevention Measures In Runcorn

It is advisable to prevent this type of situations whereby you have to carry out evictions in Helsby, Appleton Thorn, or Frodsham that may consume your time and money, and there are various ways that local governments and property owners in Cheshire can do to bar travellers from camping on their property.

A great way of preventing unauthorised persons from entering your land in Runcorn is to put gates and fences around the property and having big bollards at entrances.

On top of this, trenches, earth bunds, and embankments, are as well good methods of securing an area of land in Runcorn from unauthorized visitors.

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