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Traveller Eviction In Wakefield, West Yorkshire

It's quite unfortunate that UK residents must deal with a shortage of authorized sites for travellers in Wakefield in addition to the housing crisis in the country.

The limited number of approved sites has enhanced the number of visitors in Wakefield staying in unlicensed settings in Batley, Wakefield, or Dewsbury like car parks and playing fields.

Moreover, government data illustrates that there has been a 17% increase in the number of caravans on unapproved places in Wakefield.

Whereas only 2% increase in socially rented plots in West Yorkshire was observed during the time frame of 2010 and 2017.

Options For Eviction Of Wakefield Travellers

In order to evict the travellers and get the possession of land back in Batley, Dewsbury, or Wakefield, landowners and local authorities in West Yorkshire have 2 options.

Using common law to evict travellers in West Yorkshire is the first option.

Under this Law, Wakefield landowners have the right to evict the travellers out of their West Yorkshire place and are also allowed to use adequate force, if needed.

Such Evictions in Wakefield are conducted by enforcement agents.

It is important to understand that evictions under law are accomplished by Denbigh Franks enforcement officers who will provide the travellers with a notice that gives them 24 hours to leave the Wakefield property.

The Denbigh Franks enforcement agents come with the proper equipment to evict the travellers if they do not leave the place in Wakefield, Dewsbury, or Batley within 24-hour period.

The common rule on eviction in West Yorkshire comes with a number of benefits.

One of which is the speedy removal of the Wakefield traveller from the premises.

In most cases, an eviction using common law can be done in 24 hours, which means they have little or no time to cause damages to the property or land in Wakefield and the risk of fly-tipping is reduced.

The second available option for the West Yorkshire landowners and the local authorities is to get possession writ.

Under a writ of possession, the first eviction step in Wakefield is to obtain a possession order.

This can be served to an "unknown" when the possession order is for travellers or squatters in Dewsbury, Batley, or Wakefield.

Once the landowner in Wakefield has received the order of possession, it is then transferred to the High Court where a Denbigh Franks enforcement officer from the High Court will implement it.

The benefit of transferring up the writ of possessions to the High Court in West Yorkshire is that the High Court Officer from Denbigh Franks decides the right way to enforce the order.

This benefit is more pronounced with dealing with Wakefield travellers since it doesn't give them enough time to spring surprises or vandalize your property and it also comes in handy if you expect some degree of resistance in West Yorkshire.

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Long Term Measures For Prevention In Wakefield

Avoiding this types of situations from happening at first is always preferring to deal with an eviction in Dewsbury, Batley, or Wakefield and the potential time and money involved and so there are several things that West Yorkshire property owners and local authorities can apply to prevent these occurrences from happening.

Building gates and fences around the land and erecting a big billboard at the property entries are excellent measures to avoiding the entry of illegal or unapproved persons in your property in Wakefield.

In addition to these, trenches and earth bunds are effective ways of deterring illegal persons from gaining access to your Wakefield land.

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