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We provide a modern, fresh, new approach to professional private eviction services, and we pride ourselves on delivering bespoke eviction services to fit your needs and requirements at the right price.

The eviction services we have created and grown in the UK, focus on delivering not only peace of mind that yourself, family, friends and businesses are safe but that YOU have chosen an eviction provider that YOU can feel completely confident and at ease with.

We are an evictions company built out of a passion for the industry and we deliver outstanding customer service and satisfaction. Therefore, we, at Denbigh Franks, treat every project with extreme care and professional attention.

From years of operating eviction services, we have recognised the personal touch that comes from forming a working relationship with YOU, our client, is paramount. We feel that delivering the high standards and passion for the industry we pride ourselves on, couldn't happen without working closely with our clients, listening to their needs, reacting accordingly, and going the extra mile.

We thrive on delivering comprehensive eviction services in the United Kingdom, no matter the size, complexity or requirements. So, to find out more, call 0800 246 1381 now!

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Evictions In The United Kingdom

Eviction is when a landlord eliminates a tenant from a property that is rented.

Eviction can also be called summary possession, repossession, unlawful detainer, summary process, ejectment, forcible detainer, or summary dispossess, depending on the area's rules, as well as other references. However, for tenant and landlord information exchange, eviction is the most widely used phrase.

Dependent upon the location, a landlord must be successful in the stages of the legal process, which can be achieving favour in an eviction suit, prior to a tenant being evicted. Eviction, amongst other related references such as ejectment, has a specific definition in terms of specified locations, or only in particular contexts that are historical. Between countries or counties with legal systems that are alike, the processes, provisions, and legal conditions for eviction, or any term, vary.

The majority of areas ensure landlord's cannot evict a tenant without taking legal action beforehand (typically known as a "self-help" eviction; behaviour includes cutting off utility services, taking belongings out of the property, or changing the locks). A tenant that finds themselves in these circumstances can sue the landlord as these types of evictions are mostly illegal at any point in the procedure (such as after the landlord's success of an eviction case). Although, in some locations, self-help evictions can be allowed in reference to commercial tenants, rather than tenants that are residential.

On most occasions, a landlord must give the tenant proper written notice (typically referred to as a notice to vacate or notice to quit) before they can file an eviction suit. Since evictions are time-sensitive (i.e. whilst the tenant remains in the property, the landlord faces loss of rental income), cases are typically accelerated. In eviction cases, most defendants don't attend the court proceedings.

No-Fault Evictions

A no-fault eviction is when repossession of a property is sought by the landlord where it is not deemed necessary for blame to fall on the tenant, such as lease condition violations, non-payment of rent, or disruption to the building's other tenants or neighbours.

As wealthier people buy properties in poorer areas and the area becomes inhabited with wealthier residents, in cities with rent control, no-fault evictions are utilised as a means to displace tenants. For example, in CA, landlords are allowed to evict rent-controlled tenants if the landlord no longer wishes to rent any section of an apartment block (i.e. landlords can't be forced to rent).

Just Cause Evictions

To stop evictions for any reasons other than a list of approved circumstances, some locations have "just cause eviction" laws. For example, in WA, it states a court order is necessary (and in some situations help for relocation) and evictions can happen when:

  • ♦ There is late or complete failure of rent payments for more than 4 times in a year after written warning
  • ♦ The tenant has not taken action to rectify a lease or regulation violation regarding sanitation, public nuisance, business that is unlawful, or regularly causes warnings needing corrections to be given
  • ♦ The family of the owner need to move into the property, and no other sufficient properties are free
  • ♦ The sale of a home of a single-family
  • ♦ Tenant-employees who are not employed anymore
  • ♦ Conversion, demolition, or renovation to non-residential use
  • ♦ Legal requirement violations, such as number of occupants or suitability of the building
  • ♦ Tenants who reside with the owner
  • ♦ If, on the neighbouring properties, street, or property, health and safety or drug related crimes are committed with the tenant's consent or by the tenant

Impacts On Those Being Evicted

Some evictees are left not being prepared and having packed nothing when the bailiffs come, as sometimes there are communication issues for the decision of the actual date of eviction. This can result in an experience like Skinner's box as evictees may try to endure the eviction.

Evictees are more likely to get illnesses related to stress as the eviction procedures can take a long time (up to months) which means they could be in an elevated state of stress. After experiencing eviction, statistically, someone is 15% more likely to be dismissed from work. This can result in the evictee finding themselves in a cycle where eviction makes it harder to go into work but not working can result in eviction.

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Residential Eviction

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Your national supplier that gives you the local support.

Based in the South East we pride ourselves on our quick professional response to Essex, Kent, East London, Central London and East Anglia...

We are able to dispatch teams of guards to all areas both in the U.K. As well as abroad. Part of what we do and have realised, is that clients like to get to know their security and feel comfortable with them.

Recognising this we have managed and created services where we can be with you at all times no matter what the occasion.

We work alongside a network of professional reputable national security providers. We have a great resource in that we can provide a professional security service throughout the U.K.

Consistency & peace of mind

We have recognised that from over fifteen years in delivering all types of service with in the Security Industry; it is now more than ever that you, the clients require an ever changing dynamic and diverse service. A security service that is not only reliable but professional and consistent. We recognise that business locations are spreading out as the accessibility to clients through ever growing technology capabilities therefore the need for professional security is moving with it. However it is often the case that the existing supplier can’t offer a suitable service to mirror that of the sister sites in other locations. It is then that another provider is contracted in, bringing in twice the management time, twice the work, SLA’s, invoices the list goes on not to mention professional continuity.

We have engineered a package that gives you the local support with the national supplier consistency, benefits, professionalism and service.

We have created nationwide network of the most professional Security Providers who work alongside us enabling us to offer our clients a professional consistent security service which has all the benefits of a single national provider with the peace of mind that a local supplier can offer.

How it works

We would analyse your needs in each and every part of your business taking into account locations, logistics, bespoke business requirements etc. We would then build and agree the Service Level Agreement (SLA’s) , tailoring them to each area of your business. Once all parties are satisfied we will then implement a management plan and systems giving you one pointy of call for all your national security requirements and needs.

The Key benefits it gives you:
- Consistency in national management
- One centrally managed service
- Local support from local companies
- Clear lines of communication
- One single invoice
- Quick response time to incidents
- Regularly audited service
- The option of short term contracts
- National response centre
- Peace of mind that the service is professionally managed throughout the business
- All suppliers are well established, vetted and accredited
- Saving on management fees across the business
- Saving on management time across the business
- Fast, effective no fuss service

No service is too small, remote or complex for us to take on, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to simply find out more or discuss if we can work together in any way.

Nationwide coverage with the local presence

- Need one off security in a location other to yours?
- Want to control the security in your establishments from one place?
- Don’t want the hassle of dealing with loads of different companies?
- Fed up with micro managing different contractors all doing the same thing?
- Tired of paying loads of different invoices?
- Confused as to the difference in rates between different suppliers?

Let us help…

Let us take all of this away for you.

We have created within our network; a service which allows you to manage all of your businesses/premises security without actually having to do anything!


It’s simple. If you have multi-needs for security, no matter what they are we can take this on for you. The service we offer is one complete comprehensive security service covering all areas of the industry no matter where the location or what the task. We listen to your needs, draw up a frame work for agreement then get to work liaising with our nationwide network to put a consistently high level of security in where it’s needed. Be it Door Supervisors, Retail Guards, Stewards right through to Close Protection we can handle it.

Case Study

We have been working with a small nationwide pub chain. Each of the pubs within the groups held live music and events which required Door Supervisors as stipulated by owners. When it was looked into, some of the venues were using unlicensed, un-experienced guards, the pay rates fluctuated massively, some were using none at all despite instructions and some were employing colleagues to “stand on the door and collect tickets.” Leaving them absolutely no protection should an incident occur.

We eradicated this within a couple of days. By employing our service the Group owners took advantage of the following benefits:

1. Peace of mind that all of the sites were not only protected but professionally by trained guards
2. A consistent flat rate was being paid
3. The right amount of guards were put in to the right premises
4. The staff and premises were protected
5. Each of the venues had a professional look
6. One single invoice
7. The guards were appropriately supported
8. There was consistency in the guards in the venues

Along with this they had the added advantage of:

- No fixed contract just a working agreement
- The ability to adjust the number of guard depending on the event
- The benefit of additional different skilled staff to support the venue/event
- The option of using alternative companies if they weren’t satisfied with the job
- The option to have us liaise directly with the venue to organise cover
- And much more…

Common questions from our clients

I think I need security at my daughter’s birthday party but don’t want a couple of thugs standing there scaring everyone.

This is something we hear regularly – From being in and around the Door scene for the past fifteen years we have watched the dynamic change and evolve. It is recognising these changes that we have partly based the business. We pride ourselves on delivering a service that suits the occasions, event and venue. We aim to deliver our service being as discrete as possible but having a known presence at all times. We drive customer focus and delivering a high standard of service as a priority.

Isn’t security expensive?

Can you put a price on yours and your loved ones safety? We regularly bench mark our service against our competitors making sure we are ahead of them when it comes to being competitive with our pricing. We also tailor each of our packages to suit the occasion within this comes the price. We are very conscious of making sure you only have what you need therefore keeping costs to a minimum.

We are away on holiday and have no one to keep an eye on the house, is this something you do?

Yes – We can offer a service anywhere from a mobile patrol checking the outside and grounds on a frequent basis right through to opening the house and doing a thorough check inside, watering plants even feeding the fish.

We own a pub that’s going to be empty for a couple of months and am a little worried that it’s going to get going to get broken into. What service can you offer to stop this?

We can offer a whole range of services, from completely securing it by blocking up all possible entrance points and fitting internal/external cameras right through to round the clock residential guarding. Again we would tailor the package to suit the premise’s needs and of course your budget.

I own a flat where the tenants have moved out and someone has broken in causing a lot of damage and leaving it unsafe. Is there something you can do for this?

We can – From changing a lock to a door, we have teams that would go in and completely secure the property replacing locks, doors and windows where need be making good the affected areas. Following this we then have the option of arranging for any urgent work to carry out that may make the property unsafe or a hazard.

My wife is going out in London for the evening – I’m a little worried about her safety and transport. Are you able to help me?

We offer both a Security escorting service and Close protection service dependant on the expected level of threat. These all work with our Executive Chauffeur service getting you door to door not only safely ad on time but in style as well.