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Without Going To Court In Greater London, How Do I Evict A Enfield Tenant

1. Deciding On A Section 21 Or Section 8 Notice

If you want your Enfield tenant to leave your property in Wormley, Crews Hill, or Hoddesdon and also willing to serve them with notification regarding this then you will have to send them Section 21 of Section 8 notice under Housing Act 1988.

A Section 21 notice is served to a Enfield tenant by Denbigh Franks to give them 'notice of seeking possession' of the property.

Meaning at the tenancy agreement that is fixed-term's end you can repossess your property in Greater London's Enfield, or trigger a break clause that is agreed.

The important thing is that serving an authentic Section 21 notice in Greater London does not require that you provide any reasons to claim possession.

You can serve a Section 8 eviction notice in Greater London's Enfield when you have grounds for eviction.

For example, if the tenant is causing a nuisance in Hoddesdon, damaging the property in Wormley, or has not paid the rent in Crews Hill.

If the Enfield tenant has violated the agreement at any stage this makes you eligible to end the fixed term tenancy.

However, the tenant has the right to challenge your termination that can lead the matter to court in Greater London and you have to provide the proof of eviction grounds in the court.

Although the notices serve different reasons and are completely independent, they generate the same result, which includes you obtaining your Enfield residence back.

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2. Denbigh Franks Serve A Section 21 Notice Of Possession

Normally, a Section 21 notice does not mean immediate eviction but a notification to the tenant in Enfield that the landlord wishes to reacquire their property in Hoddesdon, Crews Hill, or Wormley.

The first step to take is to provide the Enfield tenant with no less than two months' notice that you need them to leave the residence in Greater London at the end of the tenancy.

A section 21 notice is served in Enfield when a fixed tenancy term has expired or the agreement includes break to end the tenancy before the agreed period.

Irrespective of whether you have a valid reason for the tenant in Enfield or not, you, the landlord, is able to get possession of your property in Greater London.

But it must be served in the right way if you want to enforce it legally in Greater London.

The Deregulation Act 2015 made shift in the way in which the operation of the Section 21 rule would put an end to the holdings.

The act initially applied in Enfield to agreed or rented tenancies on or after October the 1st 2015.

But now apply to all leases in Greater London from 1 October 2018 regardless of when it was agreed.

The main rules are as follows:

Denbigh Franks may not serve a Section 21 notice within the first four months of lease but, a property owner in Enfield can at any given time within the new lease upon redemption of the lease following the end of an agreed period.

The validity period of the Section 21 notice is 6 months from the date it was issued, so another notice will need to be served if the possession proceedings in Enfield, Greater London are not initiated within 6 months' period.

Negative comments regarding property if your Enfield tenant raises a legitimate complaint about the state of your property in Greater London and you refuse to deal with it, the tenant can refer the matter to the local housing authority; Section 21 certificates given after the initial complaint become void once the local housing agency has been alerted.

You should use a Form 6A in line with the Section 21 Notice.

The tenant in Enfield must also be provided with the following information once they start renting for a Section 21 to be considered as valid:

A Gas Safety Certificate

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

The 'how to rent' guide which must be provided to a tenant at the beginning of any new tenancy

3. Denbigh Franks Can Provide A Section 8 Eviction Notice In Enfield

A Section 8 Notice is served to tenants in Wormley, Crews Hill, or Hoddesdon, if you have valid reasons to evict them from your premises in Enfield.

Schedule 2 of the 1988 Housing Acts includes the reasons why a Section 8 eviction notice is served in Greater London.

Mostly, tenants risk being evicted in Enfield in Greater London because of:

Rent arrears

Damage to the property

Causing trouble

If you must provide notice to your tenants in Hoddesdon, Wormley, or Crews Hill and rely on Section 8, you must fill in a 'Notice requesting property possession that you provide on a tenancy that is assured or let on assured agricultural occupancy'.

The notice should indicate tenancy agreement terms that have been violated in Enfield and you must issue a notice ranging from two weeks to two months subject to the terms you are referring to.

However, if your Enfield tenants do not leave by the specified date, then you can apply to the court in Greater London for a possession order.

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4. Possession Order Application In Greater London's Enfield

You may act if the occupant in Enfield refuses to vacate your premise following an eviction notice served with Denbigh Franks.

With Section 21 notice, you can accelerate the order process in Enfield, especially if you don't want to claim unpaid rent or if a written tenancy agreement exists.

Feel free to use standard possession order in Enfield if you wish to get back your property in Wormley, Hoddesdon, or Crews Hill or have issued a section 21 or 8 notice and still demanding rent arrears from your tenant.

Finally, if the tenant refuses to move out of your Enfield premises after the order for possession expires, you can direct the Bailiff of the County Court of Greater London to evict the tenant, and the action of the Bailiff depends on the County Court and may take between four to six weeks or more.

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